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What planet is trump on?

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AlieOxon Mon 19-Nov-18 10:10:34

MaizieD Mon 19-Nov-18 10:13:33

Unfortunately he's on the same one as us...

varian Mon 19-Nov-18 10:18:23

I doubt whether Trump knows that, unlike California, Finland is a cold, damp country.

Elegran Mon 19-Nov-18 11:22:12

I don't think he is aware that raking up dead leaves and dry bushes in 33 million acres of forest would be even more labour-intensive than building an insurmountable wall across a continent. Raking them up in California, I mean. In Finland where 80% of the land (50.16 million acres) is covered in trees it wouldn't even enter anyone's head to consider it.

What there should be (and I hope there are) are fire-breaks where a strip of trees has been felled and cleared at intervals to stop the progress of the flames. Even then a spark can be blown across in the wind and carry the fire on.

toscalily Mon 19-Nov-18 11:30:35

Well he is unconcerned with climate change, does not like rain, if given a map of the world probably would not even be able to find Finland, so must live on planet Trump, an isolated, bigoted, misogynistic, racially prejudiced world and to quote Star Trek "Where No Man Has Gone Before"

Fennel Mon 19-Nov-18 12:53:20

Earlier I was reading headlines of a popular paper and they included a comment that he mistakenly called the town Paradise, 'Pleasure'. Looking again , that has been removed.
His comment about looking after forests does seem to be correct though.

SueDonim Mon 19-Nov-18 13:26:19

I've just read a book called The Hidden Life of Trees which has a bit about managing fire-prone forests. Basically, it's better to allow relatively frequent low-intensity fires to burn than to stop them, as it prevents the build up of flammable materials which then sets fire to the canopy of the forest. The low intensity fires do very little damage.

As for Trump, I guess he lives on Planet Trump!

EllanVannin Mon 19-Nov-18 13:34:40

His name is appropriate for a windbag.

maryeliza54 Mon 19-Nov-18 13:42:11

He did ‘misname’ it Pleasure - I saw the clip. He did it twice and then was corrected by an official ( who has now been sacked of course)

Judthepud2 Mon 19-Nov-18 13:49:21

Yes I saw that clip on Twitter. Either he is badly advised or he doesn't care. Some on Twitter have suggested that he is showing signs of dementia. Personally, I think he is a bit stupid. Bear in mind the man has access to USA nuclear codes. A sobering thought!

BlueBelle Mon 19-Nov-18 13:57:49

I did see the video where he called it pleasure not paradise The man is an IDIOT of the highest standing and needs putting away preferable on a remote island where he can’t do too much harm

Jalima1108 Mon 19-Nov-18 16:07:29

if given a map of the world probably would not even be able to find Finland

He just might be able to find Finland on a map toscalily - didn't he meet Putin in Helsinki?

Mind you, he probably just climbed into Trump Force One and the pilot navigated him there.

varian Tue 20-Nov-18 12:17:28

Ivanka Trump used a personal email account to send hundreds of messages discussing official White House business last year, officials confirm.

A review into her emails revealed she had used her private address to contact government officials.

Ms Trump sent the emails before she was briefed on the rules, her lawyer says.

In 2016, her father Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of putting the US "in danger" over her use of a private email while secretary of state.

I look forward to hearing Trump promise to "lock her up"

LullyDully Tue 20-Nov-18 15:13:00

My friend in Butte Meadows tells me that everyone has to take up their pine needles regularly!

She has organised a community Thanksgiving for Thursday as their area has been spared and people with spare rooms are putting up the evacuees. Her daughter's mil has lost everything; house, quilts she makes, photos, memorabilia , sewing machine and indeed all possessions.

So Trump choosing to criticise is totally misplaced and callous.

Jane43 Wed 21-Nov-18 12:27:37

It was sickening seeing Trump trying to look sad when looking at the horrendous remains of the community after the horrendous fire and he failed dismally. What a contrast between him and the previous POTUS.

Trump has two main loves: himself and money. He has been catapaulted into office of the most important position in the USA with neither the political experience nor the personal qualities the role deserves. His characteristics seem to match what is revered by society at the moment: success in a reality show, indeed success at the expense of others, and a very high profile in social media. Never mind if his tweets are full of misinformation he can easily delete them, deny making them or change his opinion at the drop of a hat.

You only have to watch his rallies to see he is a bully and he seems to have been all his life. I watched a three part documentary on his life and his bullying ways were evident in childhood. He punched a teacher at his very expensive private school saying the teacher was no good at his job. His mother recounted how he used to dominate his brother, saying that they both had building bricks and the young Donald made his brother give him some of his so he could finish what he was building. Nothing wrong with that but Donald glued his brother’s bricks to his so that he wouldn’t have to return them.

It would be nice to think the world will be rid of him in two years’ time but I fear he will be re-elected.

His one saving grace is that he has learnt from his brother’s experience of alcoholism and does not drink alcohol.

AlieOxon Thu 22-Nov-18 08:38:55

Try this

Rhinestone Thu 22-Nov-18 10:46:27

I am an American . I apologize to the world for what we have as a “ leader.”
He is an embarrassment to our country and to the human race. Just know most of us can’t wait for the nightmare to end.

Jalima1108 Thu 22-Nov-18 23:49:09

You don't have to apologise, we know that in fact the majority didn't vote for him.
Relatives who've met Americans travelling in Europe said the first thing they did was apologise for Trump.

Luckygirl Fri 23-Nov-18 09:16:26

But some of us also meet Americans who seem sociable decent folk, who then go on to say how they support Turdman Plod.

Rhinestone Fri 23-Nov-18 12:11:19

LuckylegsYes I knew of several people that still support him. They are no longer my Facebook or social friends at this point. After two years of hell where I actually thought of moving to Canada, I decided I could not be friends with people that thought his bullying, racism and misogyny was okay. I never unfriended anyone before based on their political support. He has done nothing but rip out country apart.

felice Fri 23-Nov-18 15:08:41

DD told me yesterday to stop critisising Trumpy in front of DGS, why?????
It seems he goes to school and says Trump is a bad man and stupid.
Some of the parents at his very international local school were upset as their children were repeating what he said.
Tough !. He and I are entitled to our opinions.

varian Fri 23-Nov-18 16:10:03

What an intelligent DGS you have. Don't stop him trying to educate his classmates.

grannypauline Sun 25-Nov-18 09:18:26

My granddaughter who is now 7 was telling people a couple of years ago that she hated Trump because if he came to the UK he would put her mummy in prison because she is black! I thought she was overstating the case but that was before Charlottesville. She still hates Trump!

On a lighter note, Finns have responded humorously on Twitter to Trump's remarks on forest clearance. The feed is called Rake America Great Again! I am uploading one of their images.

Rhinestone Mon 26-Nov-18 12:09:26

We had a picture here in the states showing the Roomba( the robot vacuum for your carpet) in the woods clearing the leaves. Can’t wait until January when the democrats will be in the house.

varian Mon 26-Nov-18 16:24:57

It is so good to read your posts, Rhinestone. It helps us to realise that there are many different views in the USA and all is not lost.