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Caledonai14 Tue 27-Nov-18 11:13:45

Looking back at the Project Fear that preceded the Scottish independence vote, the most widely remembered is the threat that a "Yes" vote would lead to Scotland being unceremoniously turfed out of the EU if it didn't remain in the UK. Sadly ironic in present circumstances.

In addition, former Defence Secretary (and - until 2014 - widely respected) senior Scottish Labour politician Lord George Robertson warned that : "if the UK was to face a split, at this of all times, and find itself embroiled for several years in a torrid, complex, difficult and debilitating divorce, it would rob the west of a serious partner just when solidity and cool nerves are going to be vital."

There was more about the cataclysmic effect on global balances and how the unspecified Forces of Darkness would gain, but Lord Robertson was also backing his prediction that a free Scotland would be denied entry to NATO.

I remember general disbelief and incredulity at his claim that Britain's enemies would "simply love it" if the UK was to split up.

However, if you look at what is happening now because of the UK's messy break-away from the EU alliance, and run it alongside the global reality of harsh regimes, fanatical despots and proven liars - the very people we are going to be at the mercy of financially - Britain's belligerent, insular attitude and Brexit self-harm could well bring about some of Lord Robertson's direst predictions ... economically, if not pugilistically.

Anja Tue 27-Nov-18 11:22:55

Can’t access that link.

Caledonai14 Tue 27-Nov-18 11:42:51

Not sure why it won't work but if you try the above shortened one and it doesn't work just put "george robertson warning on scottish independence" into your search engine and it should work. There are quite a few different reports online but the Telegraph one seemed to include the most quotes.

MaizieD Tue 27-Nov-18 14:00:27

I googled it as you suggested and got the Telegraph article which had exactly the same URL as the one you posted. However, when I retried your link it just came up with a message that the page doesn't exist. Strange.

However, this link appears to work

MaizieD Tue 27-Nov-18 14:05:25

And I agree with your conclusion. FWIW I think that splitting the UK from the EU is an even greater achievement for 'the dark forces' than Scottish independence would have been.

However, if Scotland does become independent and wishes to remain in NATO there is still the conundrum of the SNP's (very worthy) anti-nuclear stance.

Caledonai14 Tue 27-Nov-18 14:33:14

Thanks Maizie,
Your link worked. I must have dropped the hmtl bit at the end.

Yes, the nuclear issue would have to be decided, but the Scottish Government of the future (indy or no) need not necessarily be SNP-led. It could be any combination of parties - and none - because of the proportional representation element.

The first two Scottish governments were Lab/LibDem coalitions, but - in my opinion only - largely ineffective because of links and instructions from their unionist party HQs.

The NATO alliance has worked well for the UK, but any money spent on nuclear weapons has to be balanced against the need for conventional troops and national health and well-being. It's a conversation we need to have.

Also, it's quite possible people will come round more quickly to nuclear disarmament considering whose fingers are currently on the two biggest buttons!