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Emergency debate tomorrow

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ayse Mon 10-Dec-18 21:21:41

Is this farce never going to end? What a mess!

varian Sat 22-Dec-18 13:48:59

More than 3 million EU citizens living in the UK, working, paying taxes and congributing to our society in many ways were denied the vote, in spite of the fact they would be mode affected than any of us if we left the EU.

Obviously it would far better to Remain in the EU and keep the pound than to rejoin later when we would have to use the Euro.

paddyann Sat 22-Dec-18 13:57:56

They wont believe youGranny23 they still believe all the nonsense westminster says.They think we're whining ill educated, dour Scots.Thats what the publicity says after all.What they dont understand is that WE know whats true and whats lies AND it can be proven .

The facts are there if they care to look ,Sir Ian Woods said the oil was running out in 2014 ,WE said the Claire field was the biggest find yet...we were called delusional Nats ....BBC reported this year that Claire field is the biggest find in the area with the ability to provide 1500 barrels a day for over 30 years!! Then theres the north Atlantic coast oil that has still to be assessed but with an estimated value of TRILLIONS .All to be spent by WASTEMONSTER politicians to feather THEIR nests .NOT too wee ,or too poor and certainly not too stupid!!

lemongrove Sat 22-Dec-18 15:08:17

You had your referendum varian and more voters wanted to Leave the EU than those who voted to stay.
You had your referendum Paddy and more voters wanted to stay part of the UK than those who wanted to leave.
Sour grapes, ladies?

Granny23 Sat 22-Dec-18 16:03:59

Does in not matter that both Referenda were bedevilled with fake news, unlawful spending on propaganda by individuals and Parties, and the promises made in the Scottish referendum about 'near federalism' and 'the only way to stay in the EU'? evaporated and when there are strong suspicions that the Postal Votes were rigged?

Are we supposed to grin and bear it when Scottish waters are suddenly deemed to be English waters, with dire consequences for both fisheries and which Nation is credited with the revenue generated in that area?

What about the survey which showed that English Voters were by a large majority happy to pay the price of losing Scotland from the UK in order to secure Brexit? And the announcement of EVEL before the ink on the referendum result was dry? or the plans to hold all returning EU powers, including those affecting farming and fishing at Westminster, thus robbing the devolved administrations of control in their own Nations? Although Scotland has shown, time and again that it is opposed to having Nuclear Weapons on our land and sea, has opposed fracking and voted to remain in the EU, these and other important issues are decided in London with Scottish views ignored.

The Treaty of Union and the Devolution Settlements have been breached in so many ways, especially in this past year, that it is time they were torn up or rewritten. When people do their own research from a variety of sources e.g. the Oil Industries Magazines, rather than relying on the BRITISH BC (which has a clause in its charter which charges it with maintaining the integrity of the Union) and other London or overseas owned bastions of the Unionist press, they rapidly see the light and realise that Scotland is far from being a burden on the rest of the UK but rather the Cash Cow that Westminster cannot afford to lose.

Granny23 Thu 27-Dec-18 09:12:24

You know how I am always banging on about doing your own research? Well I came across a fine example this am, viz:

Only 2 'regions' have a surplus of exports over imports - Scotland and NI - and another region considered 'poor' the NE of England is balanced. The massive total of imports over exports of the SE skews the National Totals to such an extent that the UK as a whole is a nett importer.

Bet you've not seen this in the mainstream media, who continue to misrepresent NI, Scotland and the NE as a drain on the economy.