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A leadership contest!

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ayse Wed 12-Dec-18 08:05:57

So now Mrs May is going to face a vote of no confidence! I find it difficult to believe that a political party would take this action at this time! She’s done well with this poisoned chalice and who could do better than she has?

Parliament has reached an impasse and is split just like the country.

This to my mind is a national emergency and maybe it’s time for a wartime style cabinet so that some consensus could be reached about the way forward.

What a mess!

MaggieMay60 Wed 12-Dec-18 08:13:12

What a shambles!!! I am never going to use my vote again, I am sick and tired of self serving egotists who have no thought for the country, only themselves and what they want. Both sides are to blame, they cannot see the fact they have made us the laughing stock of Europe and any credibility we had has now gone straight down the pan! if they had worked together we may have got a reasonable deal from the EU.

MaizieD Wed 12-Dec-18 08:19:06

We would never have got a 'reasonable deal' from the EU within the parameters that May set.

kittylester Wed 12-Dec-18 08:22:17

ayse, Nicky Morgan suggested just such a government yesterday. It won't happen because everyone is playing politics - with the possible exception of Teresa May!

Nandalot Wed 12-Dec-18 08:24:20

This has been a power struggle amongst the Tories from the start. It is disgusting that they are willing to sacrifice the best interests of the country for their own egos.

Nannylovesshopping Wed 12-Dec-18 08:26:03

Mrs May never stood a chance, horrendous back stabbing instead of proper support, shameful.

tanith Wed 12-Dec-18 08:26:04

Where is Guy Fawkes when we need him? Bloody shambles the lot of them ???

janeainsworth Wed 12-Dec-18 08:30:55

I am never going to use my vote again
And what good does that do? Who do you expect to run the country, apart from politicians? Self appointed Army Generals?
Is that what you want?
We are fortunate that we live in a democracy, even one as flawed as the present state of affairs.
I will probably not vote for either of the two main parties next time, even though we have a good constituency MP who is backing Mrs May.
A coalition would be the best thing at the present time and this could be brought about by voting LibDem or Green.

Jane10 Wed 12-Dec-18 08:44:47

It certainly makes me wonder who to vote for or even if my vote makes a difference. I know I shouldn't feel like this but the confusing back stabbing bunch in parliament have me 'fair scunnered'.

sodapop Wed 12-Dec-18 08:49:05

Totally agree nanalovesshopping shameful.

What a time to instigate this no confidence vote, I am ashamed of our pathetic MPs absolutely spineless.

Luckygirl Wed 12-Dec-18 08:52:57

I have no axe to grind for Mrs May - I despise her politics and her lying ("I will support the 'just managing'" - when did that happen?? - and what about those not managing at all?) but I do not think this is a good time for this squabble. even though she has been a tactical disaster in these negotiations.

The idea of a wartime-type coalition makes a lot of sense.

Luckygirl Wed 12-Dec-18 08:53:27

God help us if Gove gets in. That is truly scary.

Teetime Wed 12-Dec-18 08:59:30

I should think Mrs May would be glad to get rid of that job and retire gracefully to the Lords. She isn't my cup of tea personally or politically but I admire her determination and work ethic.

ayse Wed 12-Dec-18 09:02:19

Kittylester, I think I also heard this yesterday.

Lucky girl is right, this whole thing is democracy in free fall. Self-serving is right!

With the pound sinking, cost of living is bound to rise and for many finances are near the line!

Maybe I’m just being a doom monger but I have fear of a degenerating future.

dragonfly46 Wed 12-Dec-18 09:09:19

I fear for our grandchildren's future in this insular country we have become.

ayse Wed 12-Dec-18 09:14:48

Me too Dragonfly

mcem Wed 12-Dec-18 09:16:38

It's a ridiculous situation because of self-serving tories. I felt a tiny smidgen of sympathy for TM until I heard her speech. The phrase that stuck in my throat was about working so that "no-one is left behind".
Tell that to those fighting the UC regime, to those sanctioned for missing an appointment, to the thousands of children who'll spend Christmas in poverty and to the increasing numbers of rough sleepers!
Disgustingly hypocritical!
There is no good outcome in this chaos.

Iam64 Wed 12-Dec-18 09:19:24

All we need is the theme tune for Jaws playing in the background as the News Flashes come in. Just when you thought it was (almost) safe, another disaster looms. What is the matter with the current mob of Conservative ministers/former ministers. A disastrous Referendum, aimed at settling the splits in the tory party around Europe, that has only made every aspect of that worst. A vote of no confidence, a leadership election with a leader who hasn't faced a general election to validate their position as Prime Minister.

It heard a couple of people interviewed on radio 4 yesterday saying they would never vote again. Both had been Leave in the referendum and expressed dissatisfaction that we hadn't "just left". The level of their understanding of the complexity of this situation was as shocking as the back stabbing behaviour of so many current Conservative MPs.

If our current MP stands again at the next election, I'll vote Labour because the MP has been good for our constituency, works hard and importantly for me, doesn't believe the current Party Leader walks on water. If the MP stands down due to age and we have a Momentum person imposed, I'll vote Green or Lib Dem. First Past the Post is unhelpful in providing us with representatives who reflect what voters want.

ayse Wed 12-Dec-18 09:29:32

NBC says Britain is in chaos, how right they are.

Beammeupscottie Wed 12-Dec-18 09:33:53

I would like Amazon to run the Country. At least they deliver.

crystaltipps Wed 12-Dec-18 10:03:48


henetha Wed 12-Dec-18 10:09:26

If there was someone who we felt could be a strong leader, someone with what it takes, then maybe a change of leader
would be a good thing,- but there isn't. It would only add to the chaos to change Prime Minister at the moment. Sticking with Mrs.May is the only sensible thing to do for now.

MiniMoon Wed 12-Dec-18 10:16:57

I'm emailing my MP. I'm asking him to support Mrs May in tonight's vote.
Now is not the time for a leadership battle!

Jane43 Wed 12-Dec-18 10:20:02

Lucky girl, I think people have the measure of Michael Gove. On Daily Politics a couple of days ago the panel were discussing who might put themselves forward for leader and several names were mentioned. Somebody said not to forget Michael Gove and Quentin Letts said scathingly, ‘Ah yes, Michael Gove, the most trustworthy man in parliament’. So funny! He should be a character in one of Shakespeare’s plays, Julius Caesar and Macbeth spring to mind.

missdeke Wed 12-Dec-18 10:21:12

MaggieMay60 I agree that we are now a laughing stock in Europe and our democracy is a shambles. We cannot possibly have another referendum without totally undermining our credibility as a democratic nation. Whether you are wanting to remain in Europe or leave I believe our only option at this stage is to continue with Brexit. I really don't know whether Theresa's deal is right or not, only time will tell, the same goes for Brexit as a whole, without the benefit of time travel nobody knows the future. That said, I am not a fan of Mrs May but I honestly believe that now is not the time to remove her from leadership.