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Anniebach Fri 28-Dec-18 22:37:24

Twiggy is now a Dame !

MawBroon Fri 28-Dec-18 22:44:44


MawBroon Fri 28-Dec-18 22:47:01

Also the NY Honours list used to be published on New Years Day, then the day before as there were no papers. Has it become the 28th of December Honours List?

When my Dad got his 37 years ago my poor Mum had to “keep mum” all over Christmas, even to close family.

Anniebach Fri 28-Dec-18 22:54:48

Michael Palin is now a Sir

Eloethan Fri 28-Dec-18 23:36:14

The whole thing is ridiculous.

merlotgran Fri 28-Dec-18 23:42:27

Because the whole thing is ridiculous I suppose Twiggy is no less deserving than any of the other celebs who have us asking, Why?

I presume it's for service to the fashion industry?

paddyann Fri 28-Dec-18 23:51:02

have all those who were opposing Mrs May got gongs? According to the media that was definately on the cards...bribes for votes ! Seems likely given the DUP fiasco.,The whole system is a joke ,titles giving folk the chance to seem superior to the rest of us when in fact many aren't good enough to clean the shoes of the ordianry man on the street .

Bigred18 Sat 29-Dec-18 01:12:25

Beckham missed out againgrin

MrTumble Sat 29-Dec-18 02:00:20

The whole honours thing is farcical.

BlueBelle Sat 29-Dec-18 06:32:34

Big old farce Twiggy no less deserving than 90% of those getting them it’s such a blooming comical thing to do

NfkDumpling Sat 29-Dec-18 06:47:10

I agree with Maw. Why announce it so far in advance?

It really grates the way everything is announced before the event (The PM will say in her speech,etc.), although I suppose it does mean people have stopped listening to the actual speech so things can be slipped out under the radar. We only hear what the media broadcasts.

And why do football managers and players get OBE’s while someone who puts their life on the line to save others get MBEs. Have I got the priority the wrong way around?

And poor Mr Beckham. His moment has passed I fear.

Jane10 Sat 29-Dec-18 07:16:52

I can't believe it! Somehow I've been passed over again. The system must be broken somewhere. I sent in my annual letter of self nomination as usual then nothing. Right. That's it. I'm phoning the Palace. angry

Anja Sat 29-Dec-18 07:30:37

Dame Jane10 does have a certain ring to it!

Jane10 Sat 29-Dec-18 08:47:23

I agree Anja. If only the Queen did!

Ginny42 Sat 29-Dec-18 09:07:06

As others have said, they have indeed become farcical - in fact I don't even bother reading beyond the headlines and I certainly would never use their titles should I chance to meet any of them.

Anniebach Sat 29-Dec-18 09:08:48

The men who rescued those young boys from the caves have been awarded The George Cross

Jane10 Sat 29-Dec-18 09:17:01

They really deserve that Anniebach. At last Michael Palin is a Knight who says 'ni'!

Ginny42 Sat 29-Dec-18 09:24:28

Yes Annie I did see that - for exceptional bravery and I can go along with that. Likewise people who are doing jobs where they put their lives in danger to save others, or who perhaps day after day perform life-changing surgery or have discovered something which will enhance the lives of many, if not all of us.

I think an honour should be for something exceptional and not contrived to create a list for an event the Queen performs twice a year.

Anniebach Sat 29-Dec-18 09:57:26

The media are much to blame, 70% of awards are given to people who are not mentioned in the press or on tv.

Anniebach Sat 29-Dec-18 10:04:09

I didn’t know Twiggy was a fashion icon !

J52 Sat 29-Dec-18 10:07:34

Michael Palin has apparently got his for ‘services to travel and Geography ‘
When’s it my turn to travel the world at someone else’s expense? I wouldn’t want an honour!
The whole things a farce.

merlotgran Sat 29-Dec-18 10:08:40

Chris Packham - CBE. Now that I do agree with.

He's somebody I couldn't stand a few years ago but the documentary about him changed my mind. His services to conservation are needed now more than ever.

Nonnie Sat 29-Dec-18 10:25:23

Twiggy got hers for more than fashion, it included charity. I suspect when celebs get theirs it is often for their charity work which they do by stealth. I know that Cliff Richard and Rod Stewart have both done a lot for charity without publicity.

If we have an honours system I think it should reflect what people have done over and above what they are paid to do. So many of them go to senior civil servants just for reaching high office which seems wrong to me. I like it when I hear that a school crossing patrol person has received something for years of taking care of children or when someone has been awarded an honour for giving up their own time for others.

Luckygirl Sat 29-Dec-18 10:34:21

And Julia Donaldson has some sort of honour now - I think she is brilliant and deserves it just for the joy she has brought to so many children.

We tried to get an honour for someone who has brought musical joy to so many in our county by founding and running a charity that organises music workshops for disadvantaged people - the joy on the faces of the participants is just wonderful. But no reply.

Anniebach Sat 29-Dec-18 10:37:54

What difference in a crossing patrol person and Michael Palin ? Both paid for their work. I am not supporting Palin’s award but crossing patrol workers are mentioned every year.

Someone giving up their time to help others I do agree with.