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grapefruit Wed 23-Jan-19 15:57:17

Santander is closing 140 branches I'm very worried about this. I don't bank with them but I do bank with another high street bank and who's to say they won't be next? I enjoy my outings to the bank. The ladies (and one gentleman) who are usually in there are very friendly and we always have a good chat. And I know it's silly but I feel more secure knowing there is a physical building that is responsible for my money. It's been said before, our high streets are changing. But I'm not ready to let go of my visits to the bank. A few years on and I'll have no good reason to leave the house.

rosieod1 Thu 24-Jan-19 23:10:01

All 3 banks in the small town I live in closed down in the past two years. Now our very small post office is even more overstretched than it was before.

Annaram1 Fri 25-Jan-19 09:51:17

I have just heard that my local Santander is closing soon. So annoying. I live in a retirement town. We had about 5 banks a few month ago. Suddenly NatWest closed and all the clients moved to Santander, so no old Santander customers could get in as the queues were enormous and if you wanted to discuss something you had to get an appointment for a month in advance...
I have been told that HSBC is also closing soon but Lloyds may remain and they will then be the only bank in town.