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Cosmos Wed 20-Mar-19 07:29:53

He must be the most embarrassing awful person on the planet, but as a Speaker, he makes everything about him, he is not impartial. He has typical "little man syndrome" because he is so ineffectual, smirking and meddling like a errant schoolboy. This latest stunt just about sums him up, who dares about the country, the chaos, as long as his final parting shot stopped everyone in their tracks, he waited until the 12th hour. When I think how impartial and dignified Betty Bootgroyd was, how did this man, trailing his equally mixed up, loud mouthed wife, ever get elected. He was confronted yesterday,where he never answered a question of waiting reporters and public, by someone be calling him traitor. How true, he is working against the country not with it.

varian Wed 20-Mar-19 09:06:40

I am afraid I understand your predictable posts only too well lemon

lemongrove Wed 20-Mar-19 09:09:13

Sadly not varian but don’t worry about it.

jura2 Wed 20-Mar-19 10:10:11

I have re-read your post 3 times lemon, just to make sure. There is no other interpretation than Varian's surely?

If there is- then I think you should explain it clearly- as it can only be read one way.

jura2 Wed 20-Mar-19 10:11:02

Lemon : 'I would be impressed with all your replies to the OP if I knew that you had all voted to leave the EU in the referendum......but as it is, then not so much!'

clear as the proverbial bell.

Jabberwok Wed 20-Mar-19 10:30:54

I agree with Lemon that Speaker Burcow probably
has unwittingly helped the situation regarding Brexit! It's certainly concentrated minds hopefully to the extent of getting some sort of resolution. Tbh, I agree with the OP. There is something quite unpleasant about Speaker Burcow and his (acid) wit! As for his awful vulgar wife!! the less said the better!! Betty Boothroyd was in a totally different category, commanding respect throughout the H of C . As did Speakers Wetherall and Thomas.

MaizieD Wed 20-Mar-19 10:45:25

lemon said that people approving Bercow's ruling are Remainers and so are biased.

The implication being that Leavers, who are such rational, unbiased and well judging folks (with a thorough knowledge of parliamentary procedure honed by years of study) are absolutely right to be screaming 'traitor' at him.

Maryeliza did indeed have it correct that cuts both ways.

Of course, Bercow knows absolutely nothing about Parliamentary procedure. He's only the Speaker of the House of Commons. hmm

maryeliza54 Wed 20-Mar-19 10:49:27

Q. How do you know when a post is devoid of all sense, meaning and logic?

A. When the spouse of the subject under discussion is criticised

(Other answers of course are available )

MaizieD Wed 20-Mar-19 10:52:50

maryeliza grin

Nothing like a bit of irrelevant ad hominem to enlighten the debate...

Davidhs Wed 20-Mar-19 10:57:19

Brecow could have chosen to let the matter pass and nobody would have been wiser, but he deliberately invoked the custom or rule to break the deadlock that Brexit has become. TM had to go straight to EU with a proposal for an extension and no doubt will come back for a vote on the same deal with a a new Brexit date attached. ( if she gets an extension)

What happens then is anyone guess.

Luckygirl Wed 20-Mar-19 10:58:13

He is not the greatest of guys and does not do it for me; but his intervention was the right one. TM could not have been allowed to keep bringing the same motion before the house, with brief episodes of bribery and corruption in between. Someone had to call a halt to it.

Fennel Wed 20-Mar-19 12:04:11

Luckygirl I agree with your post.
Also, I think he or someone had already mentioned that there was a limit of 2 failures to HoP motions.
According to the laws of Parl. procedure.
Unless the motion was substantially modified the 3rd time.

lemongrove Wed 20-Mar-19 12:08:47

Yes, MaizieD and Maryeliza * understood my post correctly.And Yes, it does cut both ways, and I wouldn’t dream of calling him a traitor.
What he has done however, is dredged up an ancient rule from 1604 (! ) that has perhaps thrown the UK into turmoil at this last stage, because he always grandstands and wants to give the Conservative government a black eye.
Unwittingly, it could be that it helps sort something out, but his intention wasn’t to do that.

Anja Wed 20-Mar-19 12:15:19

This rule has been used before several times and even if it had not, he was doing his job as Speaker. In fact if I had to criticise him it would be for letting this fiasco go on as long as he did,

maryeliza54 Wed 20-Mar-19 12:16:49

He has not dredged up an ancient rule from 1604 - your two posts in this vein show no understanding at all of the role of precedent or the role of Erskine May.

maryeliza54 Wed 20-Mar-19 12:17:10

My post was to * lemon*

lemongrove Wed 20-Mar-19 12:24:04

It was stated that the rule was from 1604, it doesn’t mean it has not been used since of course.
And yes, I do understand the role of precedent, which is why the vote to let Parliament take over proceeding was voted down the other week, because it would have created one.
As I said earlier, Bercow has unwittingly perhaps helped the Brexit process to go ahead.

maryeliza54 Wed 20-Mar-19 12:27:17

lemon calling it an ancient rule, dredged up, out of the hat etc was not the language of someone who understands what she’s posting about

lemongrove Wed 20-Mar-19 12:31:46

Oh that’s just chatting on a forum maryeliza ( hats)
But he certainly did do some dredging.

lemongrove Wed 20-Mar-19 12:32:49

We may all be thanking him for his actions soon though,
Am sure he will hate that.wink

maryeliza54 Wed 20-Mar-19 12:38:57

Nice try lemon but a fail. You used language that demonstrated how you viewed his ruling (and him). But hey ho, he made it and it may or may not make a difference. Either way this Government has completely and royally messed up and the last two Tory PMs have changed and ruined this country beyond repair.

EllanVannin Wed 20-Mar-19 12:43:54

Erm, so Blair leading the country to war with Iraq made a big difference did it ??

sunseeker Wed 20-Mar-19 12:53:59

I don't know anything about parliamentary procedure but wonder whether someone could ask for a vote on whether the MPs would like the opportunity to discuss it again?

Day6 Wed 20-Mar-19 12:59:23

I agree with your OP Cosmos.

Bercow is an odious little man and a very biased speaker. I am amazed he gets away with it. His conceit and arrogance is deplorable.

lemongrove Wed 20-Mar-19 13:12:42

No government so far has ruined this country beyond repair maryeliza but I realise that is just rhetoric or forum chat ( that is used by us all.)
However it’s quite possibl that Corbyn, should he ever become PM (God help us) leading a Labour government, would give Ruining the economy a go. Thankfully in five years he would be out again.

GabriellaG54 Wed 20-Mar-19 13:15:01

Brecon is, IMO, odious in many ways but, that does not reflect on his ruling which was clear, concise and correct.
Rather like an appeal in the courts, it can only be considered if there is fresh evidence or, in this case, a change of substance.