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Cosmos Wed 20-Mar-19 07:29:53

He must be the most embarrassing awful person on the planet, but as a Speaker, he makes everything about him, he is not impartial. He has typical "little man syndrome" because he is so ineffectual, smirking and meddling like a errant schoolboy. This latest stunt just about sums him up, who dares about the country, the chaos, as long as his final parting shot stopped everyone in their tracks, he waited until the 12th hour. When I think how impartial and dignified Betty Bootgroyd was, how did this man, trailing his equally mixed up, loud mouthed wife, ever get elected. He was confronted yesterday,where he never answered a question of waiting reporters and public, by someone be calling him traitor. How true, he is working against the country not with it.

varian Wed 14-Aug-19 18:33:23

The Speaker's first duty is to defend Parliament, not to defend the government of the day. John Bercow has done a good job fulfilling this role, which is why he has not been popular with the last Leader of the House, Andrea Leadsom, or any of her ultra-brexit friends. I think he will prove himself well able to stand up to Jacob Rees Mogg.

BlueBelle Wed 14-Aug-19 18:28:21

My new hero

jura2 Wed 14-Aug-19 18:15:36

he has made his intentions clear.

Davidhs Wed 14-Aug-19 18:09:18

I don’t think we will hear anything from Bercow until parliament returns he will be keeping his powder dry for the real battle

Fennel Wed 14-Aug-19 17:52:33

I agree jura.
I was just thinking yesterday - when is Bercow going to say something about the legalities of proroguing Parliament?
And the sovereignty of Parliament:
I just hope he can carry it through.

jura2 Wed 14-Aug-19 16:35:46

Thank goodness we have true Democrats like Bercow to stand up for our Sovereign Parliamentary Democracy- against a PM and Cabinet prepared to destroy it. What a star.

Caledonai14 Thu 06-Jun-19 15:52:39

I can't believe Dominic Raab is serious with the suggestion that parliament could be shut to ensure a No Deal Brexit goes through.

If he is, then I think he may just have ruled himself out of the leadership battle.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 06-Jun-19 13:53:26

Varian, I seldom agree with you on political threads, but I as a Conservative leave voter think this is an abominable idea.

I sincerely hope that the MPs ensure he does not make the last 2 in the leadership race.

varian Thu 06-Jun-19 13:35:24

The Speaker of the House, John Bercow, says ending the current session of Parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit is "simply not going to happen".

Tory leadership candidate Dominic Raab has suggested he would be prepared to shut down Parliament to ensure the UK leaves the EU on 31 October.

But the suggestion of using the process - known as prorogation - has led to criticism from many MPs.

varian Thu 21-Mar-19 20:03:51

"Elite" is a very brexity description of anyone who produces evidence that brexit is a seriously bad idea. Scientists, businessmen, farmers, doctors, trade union leaders, professionals, academics, pollsters, economists, environmentalists, and anyone else who has taken the trouble to properly inform themselves are all "elites" .

Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees Mogg, Rupert Murdoch, Arron Banks, Steve Bannon, the owners of national newspapers, Russian billionaires, currency traders and speculators and tax exiles are not "elites"!!!!


Jalima1108 Thu 21-Mar-19 19:58:42

The day before the European elections!

Ginny42 Thu 21-Mar-19 19:57:44

She's got the extension until May 22nd.

Jalima1108 Thu 21-Mar-19 19:57:39

Who? Bercow?
No, Rod Liddle

Too clever for his own good or anyone else's for that matter.

Jalima1108 Thu 21-Mar-19 19:56:45

I voted remain and do not have an elite sense of middle class entitlement and smugness

I remember when Rod Liddle was married to Rachel Royce - and then abandoned her after 11 years together, two children and four months of marriage.

He is a very unpleasant character.

Day6 Thu 21-Mar-19 19:56:22

Who? Bercow?

I'd agree. grin

Jalima1108 Thu 21-Mar-19 19:53:06

He is a bit of a shitbag though.

Sorry to use bad language.

Day6 Thu 21-Mar-19 19:52:03

Anyone who thinks that anything Rod Liddle writes is worth the effort of reading has clearly lost the plot

We will have to disagree.
On the contrary, Rod Liddle is very clever, erudite and entertaining and cuts like a knife through that Remainer 'elite' sense of middle class entitlement and smugness.

Wish we had more like him.

Jalima1108 Thu 21-Mar-19 19:46:20

too bad, too sad andy

andycameron69 Thu 21-Mar-19 19:45:38

7 days to go.....out totally it will happen, call me belinda brexita

andycameron69 Thu 21-Mar-19 17:08:52

he is a cute little devil, out we go WTO in a week, in law nothing can stop it, we the majority who voted, won, despite all the hassle and awkwardness from those who do not want us to leave...



love those words


Jalima1108 Thu 21-Mar-19 15:02:35

Secondly Bercow was doing his job

Bercow didn't dredge it up, an mp (not sure who, maybe one of the Eagles) mentioned it during a debate and he thanked her for reminding him of it. It was also tabled for an amendment last week by someone but then withdrawn apparently.

Would he have realised, then, if Angela Eagle and A N Other had not mentioned this last week?

Is it time for another woman to take over as Speaker next? I propose Angela Eagle.

POGS Thu 21-Mar-19 14:41:55

Is the Speaker always re-elected unopposed?

This is what has happened in practice. Every Speaker who has been re-elected to the House – normally with other parties not putting up rival candidates in the constituency – has been re-elected to that post.

maryeliza54 Thu 21-Mar-19 14:40:03

Anyone who thinks that anything Rod Liddle writes is worth the effort of reading has clearly lost the plot - the man is a complete buffoon

Ginny42 Thu 21-Mar-19 14:24:32

Oh for crying out loud! She was wrong to attempt to bring the same motion for a third time. It seems many MP were fully cognisant with the Erskine May ruling and couldn't understand why Bercow didn't call her out sooner. She was simply hoping to brazen it out.

lemongrove Thu 21-Mar-19 13:54:36

Very well said, that man.👍🏻