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Grannyrebel27 Fri 26-Apr-19 11:15:39

I'm a WASPI woman like many other GNers who still has two years to work before I can claim state pension. I would just like to raise awareness of the Backto60 campaign spearheaded by Michael Mansfield (civil rights lawyer). Apparently our case goes to the High Court on 6th June. Fingers crossed fellow WASPIs we get some compensation.

Mycatisahacker Fri 26-Apr-19 11:37:03

Fingers crossed for you and the others

mosaicwarts Fri 26-Apr-19 11:39:00

Thanks for the info. I joined WASPI but became confused with all of their internal politics.

Fingers crossed for us all on 6th June, especially now they are mooting dispensing with so many other pensioner benefits. I am now living on less than I earned twenty years ago and know it is the same for many. I've got a four year wait for my pension, widowed in 2016, and am having to support my son as much as I can as his taxi driving career is so unstable.

I thought of trying to get a job but there were 500 applications recently for a job in a cafe sad I wouldn't have had a look in at my age. Appalling to suggest apprenticeships, wasn't it.

Urmstongran Fri 26-Apr-19 11:54:22

Thanks for posting the information GrannyRebel I did wonder how things are going since the High Court granted the appeal in January. I shall look out for the verdict with interest.

Frank Fields did propose a compromise but nothing came of it.

gillybob Fri 26-Apr-19 12:03:05

I doubt anything will come of it to be honest . My DH and I have an almost 11 year age gap and our plans were to retire together when I was 60 and him 70-71 . We have no other pensions to speak of . Now my state pension age has risen to 67 and 4 months I can’t see how my poor husband can carry on in such a physical and mentally draining job until he is 77-78 . It’s just so unfair .

Urmstongran Fri 26-Apr-19 12:06:04

I’m not really holding my breath either gillybob
Doesn’t do to get our hopes up!
Eeyore Hammond won’t open the national wallet unless he has to.

Cloudshaper Fri 26-Apr-19 12:28:01

Thanks for the update and will watch and hope for positive news when the Case is heard.

Fi66 Fri 26-Apr-19 12:41:55

#BackTo60 #50sWomen #OneVoice #GreersLaw
‏Hi all
I'm new on here. I support @backto60 who do have a Judicial Review on 5-6 June. We have the superb Michael Mansfield QC and a brilliant legal team, including Jackie Jones. There are 3/4 million 50s women supporters and we are confident we will win full return of our pensions #backto60.
The following is our Early Day Motion call for MP signatures. You can reword the top bit slightly to ask your MP to sign to support Anna McMorrin MP in the 'EDM' for House of Commons which comes before the Judicial Review.


Dear MP
Please sign to support @AnnaMcMorrin EARLY DAY MOTION … … whereby Prof Jones TEMPORARY SPECIAL MEASURE is activated

Further information:

Many thanks for your support.

Good to meet you all.
Message me for any queries. xx

Washerwoman Fri 26-Apr-19 18:10:49

Watching with interest.At 60 this year it had been my intention to carry on working for at least another 2/3 years but helping my DD with some early morning childcare plus the odd overnight ,and shopping, cleaning for and keeping an eye on my frail elderly mum on top of a very physical job I'm on my knees.
So I'm giving up work .DH and I do have a modest private pension so if we are careful should manage,so I count myself very lucky to even have a choice that many others don't.

Grannyrebel27 Fri 26-Apr-19 22:05:59

Thanks for the extra info Fi66.

Maggiemaybe Fri 26-Apr-19 22:44:26

I’m a member of WASPI, and I understand your confusion with their recent problems, mosaicwarts. They do seem to be back on track now, thank goodness.

I certainly wish Backto60 all the best with their case, though I believe their aims aren’t the same as WASPI’s. We’re all in the same boat after all, and it’ll be interesting to see what the outcome is. Fingers crossed for all of us!