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who pays our politicians?

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Fennel Tue 14-May-19 19:26:29

I've switched off recently from the depressing non-news about Brexit.
But today, after the weeks since the Tories and Labour were apparently trying to work out a compromise, and failed, I thought, if these people were employees in a non-govt business they would either have their pay stopped, or would be sacked.
They haven't produced a positive result in nearly 3 years!
Is there any way we can stop their pay, or their very good pensions?
After all in the end it's us , the taxpayers, who pay them.
At least I think so. Otherwise where does the money come from?
And I'm not just talking about the Tories, or Labour. The whole H of C is responsible. IMO.

Mycatisahacker Tue 14-May-19 22:35:53

Let’s hope the next general election helps.