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Ozone layer: Banned CFCs traced to China say scientists

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pinkquartz Thu 23-May-19 13:06:57

Perhaps it is time that we think seriously about how to persuade China to think of the good of the Planet.

It is very sad to read that the hole in the ozone is beginning to grow larger again.

I have read today on the BBC site that China is now using the banned CFC's.
What can we do about this? I still believe that every little thing we do in the West is important. It's not an excuse to think it is not worth the bother but can we save the planet when China has no qualms at all about toxins in goods, cruelty to animals and the use of CFC's amongst other issues. I won't go in to all of it.

rosecarmel Thu 23-May-19 15:54:00

The only way to "convince" China of anything is to stop relying on them for anything- And stop trade with companies that trade with them- A global ban-

Is that going to happen?

rosecarmel Thu 23-May-19 15:55:40

And it is truly horrible, that they have continued the use of CFC's- But it also exposes them, yet again, as the liars that they are-