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Whitewavemark2 Tue 11-Jun-19 13:03:21

As far as I can see not one of the contenders has a clear plan with regard to Brexit.

Without a plan we can’t move on.

Grany Mon 15-Jul-19 08:22:01

This is worth a read What has Hunt done to the NHS And how has he got away with it? These two Johnson and Hunt neither one should be PM

growstuff Mon 15-Jul-19 01:45:24

Callistemon, the Brexit Party has admitted that it has encouraged its followers to join the Conservative Party, so that it can deselect Remainers such as Grieve.

growstuff Mon 15-Jul-19 01:43:14

It seems almost certain that Boris Johnson will be our next PM. If he wants to be remembered by posterity as an even half-decent PM, his only alternative is to be brave and be a man by holding a second referendum.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 14-Jul-19 17:31:32

I suspect that he is a tad more intelligent though

Firecracker123 Sun 14-Jul-19 14:52:04

Everytime I hear Andrew Adonis's name it makes me laugh I always think of Adonis as the god of beauty and desire and poor Andrew Adonis looks like a little weedy excuse for a man isn't life cruel 😂

Urmstongran Sun 14-Jul-19 12:57:58

What will happen if Boris Johnson only gets 52 per cent of the votes for Conservative leader? Will the contest take three years to be decided?

Whitewavemark2 Wed 10-Jul-19 10:34:42

Andrew Adonis

Boris Johnson has never made a good speech in the House of Commons. He has rarely spoken & spends hardly any time there

Which is going to matter a lot when the House of Commons determines his fate

Callistemon Sun 07-Jul-19 23:07:03

On the radio today, someone said that the membership of the Conservative party had rocketed in recent months as closet Brexit party supporters joined to ensure that the next party leader and PM was a staunch Brexiteer.
That is interesting - presumably they must have had a premonition as Theresa May said at the end of May that she was quitting and they needed to be members for a minimum of three months before being eligible to vote in the leadership contest.
Very prescient of them.

Anniebach Sun 07-Jul-19 22:01:17

No different to the Labour Party , deselect and put in a far left candidate

lemongrove Sun 07-Jul-19 21:56:28

Exactly Monica just the same as the LP have been doing,
(Entryism) and your last point is a good one.
Yes WWM2 it seems the Conservatives are hoping to copy
The LP ( deselecting and then pushing far left candidates for the post) it seems that both political parties are at it.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 07-Jul-19 21:47:44

Aaron Banks is organising the entryism. Of course these cuckoos can de select candidates and get someone of the far right elected. It seems to be starting to be attempted.

M0nica Sun 07-Jul-19 21:44:31

On the radio today, someone said that the membership of the Conservative party had rocketed in recent months as closet Brexit party supporters joined to ensure that the next party leader and PM was a staunch Brexiteer.

Classic entryism, a classic leftwing tactic, now being borrowed by the right wingers in the Conservative party.

I think organisations like political parties should do as my local archaeological society does and insist that members wait a year before they are entitled to vote on significant matters.

Ginny42 Sun 07-Jul-19 08:33:48

A Tory MP felt like crying? Blimey, me too. I feel deeply sad that we'd been reduced to the stark divisions in our country, whipping up angry thoughts against fellow countrymen. What is happening in the country is reflected on GN with people who we would normally get along with.

What the Tories have done makes me want to cry too.

GracesGranMK3 Sun 07-Jul-19 08:27:21

I am starting to wonder what happens after we slip from prime minister to demi-god and Boris is anointed.

It will depend on how parliament acts, I think.

lemongrove Sun 07-Jul-19 08:24:57

Don’t go overboard trisher...... do you think there are no black or Asian Tory members ( I know at least five) and they are friends, there will be many more plus all the members are not Eurosceptic fanatics.
Whilst not wanting to see Johnson as PM it is the right of the members to choose between the two that MP’s have selected.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 07-Jul-19 08:12:15

So the Tory members seem intent on inflicting the country with a prime minister who lies with impunity, has declared spending measures that completely trashes the myth that the Tories are safe with the economy. The Conservative And Unionist party is about to shed the last part of its name, as the union will almost certainly fail with no deal Brexit.

The ballot papers are now out, but unless the Tory party addresses the two paper issue then the whole ballot will be called into question anyway.

Johnson is not a fit man to take the Premiership, but the Tory membership do not seem to care, as they are quite happy to inflict severe economic damage, and see our Kingdom split apart as long as the get Brexit, preferably a no deal Brexit.

Our country is in the hands of a little over 100000 older, white, middle class group of Eurosceptic fanatics who don’t begin to represent our country, neither do they care.

As one Tory mp said, I feel like crying.

There are very dark days ahead and a period of toxicity and turbulence. Nothing good can come of this dreadful decision.

Ginny42 Sat 06-Jul-19 20:10:57

Jeez! What with Johnson, The Farage and now Widders representing us to Europe and the world, we're doomed!

Whitewavemark2 Sat 06-Jul-19 13:29:41

It would appear that Hunt-has made little progress in the leadership battle.

Johnson will get the leadership.

Callistemon Fri 05-Jul-19 15:25:05

I would hope that they captured them, took off their tags then released them somewhere else, but I doubt that.

lemongrove Thu 04-Jul-19 23:00:14

very likely it was gamekeepers Callistemon but we will probably never know.
Not too long to go now before a candidate will be chosen, so at least that bit will be over soon.

Callistemon Thu 04-Jul-19 21:23:39

He's not called Hunt for nothing
I suppose we can't help our surnames.

I was upset to hear on the radio the other day that those two beautiful golden eagles which we saw on Springwatch have disappeared and their satellite tags have both stopped sending signals. The signals both stopped on a grouse moor. Whilst no blame can be attributed, it does seem very odd.

Lazigirl Thu 04-Jul-19 16:31:49

He's not called Hunt for nothing, although sometimes they get it wrong grin. Since that awful case of the chap who kept baby foxes to train the hounds to kill I think even previously hardened hunt supporters may review their support. Apparently dogs are not hard wired to kill foxes. It is particularly sickening when our social care system is failing so many and seriously crying out for reform and cash, both Johnson and Hunt seem to be dodging this but are spraying around money they don't have, trying to outdo each other. A whole forest of money trees. Does Johnson understand what social care is I wonder hmm

Whitewavemark2 Thu 04-Jul-19 09:47:42

There is something pretty inhuman in it I think.

Foxes hunt prey, it is hard wired into their system. If we introduce prey into their world like game birds, poultry, lambs etc. Then is is encumbent on us to either protect them or make allowances for the Fox, golden eagle and all species of raptors.

Humans hunt foxes chasing the animal to exhaustion then allowing dogs to tear it to shreds.
We kill golden eagles - magnificent creatures who fight for survival. We kill them in order to enjoy a day shooting other birds.
Humans are not hard wired to hunt foxes, neither are they hard wired to give a beautiful creature the most painful of deaths. To do so is a disgusting show of degradation and inhumanity.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 04-Jul-19 09:34:51

Although we are part of “The Horse world” I couldn’t vote for the reintroduction of fox hunting.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 04-Jul-19 09:33:35

Ginny42 there is a thread about newly “appointed” heads of the EU, 2 have criminal convictions and 1 is under investigation.