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Meanwhile in Scotland 2

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Granny23 Tue 06-Aug-19 12:04:11

I was going to post this on the BBC bias thread but thought it might get losts in other aspects of the discussion.

Then I thought I would post it on the old Meanwhile in Scotland thread, but was advised by GN HQ that as that was over a year old I would be better to start a new thread - Hence MIS2.

Recent polls have shown an almost 50/50 split on Scottish Independence. This poll, conducted by of all people the Conservative Lord Ashcroft is the first in recent times to show a YES vote in the lead.

I wanted to post it for two reasons

1) because the BBC did not mention it any any of their news bulletins even the BBC Scotland ones (bias?)

2) because the comments following the report in The Times show a woeful lack of knowledge of the finances and assets of Scotland and are repeating the old 'Spain would block them', 'they would be bankrupt', WE (who is We?) would not let them use the pound' etc.etc. There are comments suggesting that the money saved by not paying the Scottish Block Grant could mean a boost of billions for the NHS in England/Wales completely ignoring that the loss of all tax and revenue from Scotland would wipe 10%ish (perhaps more if you consider oil and gas licences and revenues) from the RUK budget at a stroke. Nor do they realise that an Independent Scotland within the EU would not suffer from the loss of exports to England when they have tariff free access to the vast market of the EU.

Is this a representative view of (presumably educated) Times readers? Or are they as ignorant as the average Daily Mail poster?

Granny23 Tue 06-Aug-19 12:08:24

For refernence link to old thread

varian Wed 07-Aug-19 20:19:52

The Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive has said the bank will move its head office to England if Scotland votes to become independent.

almcg2001 Wed 07-Aug-19 20:48:48

However the Scotsman failed to mention:

Asked what such a move would mean in reality, he replied: “Not much at all. We would have to get approval from the Scottish Government and Westminster to say our registered office is now in the UK.”

He said: “As long as things stay competitive here – i.e. we could get talented people and they want to work here – not much changes. We have been moving staff from London to other locations over the last five years.”


paddyann Wed 07-Aug-19 22:25:26

given their track record re the bankers issues and Fred Goodwin,would any of us try to stop them leaving? If they are still paying massive bonuses and have huge debts maybe we'd be better off without them .

We had all this scaremongering in 2014 ,heard it all before were we better together? Were our pensions safer in the UK? Was it only by staying in the Uk that we could stay in the EU? and many many more lies that we were fed .Roll on Independence !

Granny23 Thu 08-Aug-19 20:12:52

It seems to me that RBS are leaving by degrees. They have closed the 3 small branches in neighbouring towns. Now if I need to visit the Bank I have to travel into the City, park in an expensive car park and walk some distance through a shopping Mall to get to the nearest Branch. There is always a huge queue and you cannot talk to anyone about your account without making an appointment - usually a week or two in advance. They are no longer making any effort to hold onto or attract new customers or function efficiently as a High Street Bank.

It also occurs to me that to entirely leave Scotland, (when in the near future Scotland may be within the EU while the rest of the UK is out) is a monumental folly. Perhaps they have a secret plan which will keep their options open, but given the way they have behaved over the past decade, I would not put any money on it.

almcg2001 Thu 08-Aug-19 22:32:17

That is an interesting take on the situation. My understanding is that they would only move their registered office south and that the current jobs in Scotland would still be as it stands. I think that all banks are closing branches (not great) and certainly RBS's record is not good.
I took the initial reporting of RBS leaving as 'Project Fear Mk2' because I do not see them shooting themselves in the foot when they have talented and experienced staff in Scotland. Time will