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AIBU to just want to be asked if I still want the fish...

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Anja Sun 11-Aug-19 14:22:05

I’m not saying there wasn’t a democratic mandate for Brexit at the time.

I’m just suggesting that if I narrowly decided to order fish at a restaurant known for chicken, but said it was happy to offer fish, and if so far I’ve been waiting three hours, and two chefs who promised to cook the fish have quit, and the third is promising to deliver the fish in the next five minutes whether it’s cooked or not, or indeed still alive, and all the waiting staff have spent the last few hours arguing amongst themselves about whether I want battered cod, jellied eels, grilled salmon or dolphin kebabs, and if a large part of the restaurant appeared to be on fire but no one was paying attention to it because they were all arguing about fish, I would quite like, just once, to be asked if I definitely still want the fish....

FarNorth Tue 13-Aug-19 21:30:37

varian I've a nasty suspicion that a large heap of assorted malodorous fish would then be delivered to the house.

varian Tue 13-Aug-19 19:29:44

Just cancel the order. Go back home. Whoever told you to go there and order fish lied. That is now perfectly clear.

crystaltipps Tue 13-Aug-19 19:03:15

If your preferred political party had lost, you’d moan and keep moaning, but you’d know there would be another election in a few years time, so you’d put up with it for the time being.

RosieLeah Tue 13-Aug-19 18:58:34

If we do have another referendum and the result is Remain (which I don't think will happen), the leavers won't accept it and the situation won't change. The Brexit party will gain support and we'll keep going round in circles.

Perhaps we should make an agreement with the EU leaders, that we will leave in the autumn with an understanding that if things don't work out after a certain length of time, we can re-join.

Magrithea Tue 13-Aug-19 18:43:01

If you're preferred political party had lost the election by the same margin (52% to 48%) would all their supporters be whinging on about a second election? NO!

Grannyrebel Mon 12-Aug-19 20:46:35

I would say I don't want the fish any more and decide not to have anything. Just go home and carry on fishless!

Tillybelle Mon 12-Aug-19 19:52:35

Please... somebody, help... I don't feel too great... get me some water... I think I'm dying of starvation and haven't been offered anything to drink since I ordered... help...

4allweknow Mon 12-Aug-19 17:43:40

But, what are all the other diners doing?

Emerald888 Mon 12-Aug-19 17:39:22

Just annoying that MPs are not doing what their constituents voted for. Should be deselected.

hapgran Mon 12-Aug-19 14:04:11

Yes- I also saw it on facebook, thought it was brilliant and shared it. I never wanted the fish or the omelette!

chrissyh Mon 12-Aug-19 13:36:12

That's doing the rounds on facebook.

jocork Mon 12-Aug-19 13:20:51

My daughter shared the original post on facebook this morning. I guess it will appear in many places. I think it's a great analogy and I never ordered the fish!

JohnD Mon 12-Aug-19 13:10:37

FarNorth. Maybe she called the election and hoped she would be defeated and , then, the problem had gone away.

Nonnie Mon 12-Aug-19 13:04:07

Mamo I think that's longer than the one I saw. I seem to remember more 'EU: its our cake!'. Probably lots of these around. Keep them coming, we need the laughs

Molly10 Mon 12-Aug-19 12:20:22

Shouldn't have gone in there in the first place as it always smelt a bit fishy.

Mamo Mon 12-Aug-19 12:18:04

Another analogy you may all have seen already....apologies if so

LEAVER: I want an omelette.

REMAINER: Right. It’s just we haven’t got any eggs.

LEAVER: Yes, we have. There they are. [HE POINTS AT A CAKE]

REMAINER: They’re in the cake.

LEAVER: Yes, get them out of the cake, please.

REMAINER: But we voted in 1974 to put them into a cake.

LEAVER: Yes, but that cake has got icing on it. Nobody said there was going to be icing on it.

REMAINER: Icing is good.

LEAVER: And there are raisins in it. I don’t like raisins. Nobody mentioned raisins. I demand another vote.




LEAVER: Right, where’s my omelette?

REMAINER: I told you, the eggs are in the cake.

LEAVER: Well, get them out.

EU: It’s our cake.

JEREMY CORBYN: Yes, get them out now.

REMAINER: I have absolutely no idea how to get them out. Don’t you know how to get them out?

LEAVER: Yes! You just get them out and then you make an omelette.

REMAINER: But how?! Didn’t you give this any thought?

LEAVER: Saboteur! You’re talking eggs down. We could make omelettes before the eggs went into the cake, so there’s no reason why we can’t make them now.

THERESA MAY: It’s OK, I can do it.


THERESA MAY: There was a vote to remove the eggs from the cake, and so the eggs will be removed from the cake.

REMAINER: Yeah, but…

LEAVER: Hang on, if we take the eggs out of the cake, does that mean we don’t have any cake? I didn’t say I didn’t want the cake, just the bits I don’t like.

EU: It’s our cake.

REMAINER: But you can’t take the eggs out of the cake and then still have a cake.

LEAVER: You can. I saw the latest Bake Off and you can definitely make cakes without eggs in them. It’s just that they’re horrible.

REMAINER: Fine. Take the eggs out. See what happens.

LEAVER: It’s not my responsibility to take the eggs out. Get on with it.

REMAINER: Why should I have to come up with some long-winded incredibly difficult chemical process to extract eggs that have bonded at the molecular level to the cake, while somehow still having the cake?

LEAVER: You lost, get over it.

THERESA MAY: By the way, I’ve started the clock on this.

REMAINER: So I assume you have a plan?

THERESA MAY: Actually, back in a bit. Just having another election.

REMAINER: Jeremy, are you going to sort this out?

JEREMY CORBYN: Yes. No. Maybe.

EU: It’s our cake.

LEAVER: Where’s my omelette? I voted for an omelette.

REMAINER: This is ridiculous. This is never going to work. We should have another vote, or at least stop what we’re doing until we know how to get the eggs out of the cake while keeping the bits of the cake that we all like.


REMAINER: Fine, I’m moving to France. The cakes are nicer there.

LEAVER: You can’t. We’ve taken your freedom of movement.

Gonegirl Mon 12-Aug-19 12:01:47

(your post Sun 11-Aug-19 18:30:32)

Gonegirl Mon 12-Aug-19 12:00:40

FarNorth It's a pity for Theresa May that she didn't borrow your crystal ball before deciding to call an election, Gonegirl.

Why would you think I have a crystal ball? Are you insinuating that I'm some old gipsy woman?

Also, I don't understand the relevance of your remark about Theresa May calling a general election. How is that relevant to this thread?

jane1956 Mon 12-Aug-19 11:59:58

but it is not best of three whether you want fish or not, you/we asked for fish, no matter what has happened since we still want the b...... fish

Diane227 Mon 12-Aug-19 11:44:49

You ordered the fish, but discovered it had gone off but couldnt then re order the chicken because you had MADE YOUR CHOICE !
The chefs are now in the kitchen trying to make the old fish edible , but you are going to be forced to eat it, anyway even if it kills you.

JulieMM Mon 12-Aug-19 11:39:04


Blondie49 Mon 12-Aug-19 11:38:14

Brilliant Anja 😂😂

humptydumpty Mon 12-Aug-19 11:31:44

No matter who originated it, I think it's a great analogy!

crazygranny Mon 12-Aug-19 11:29:31

Sadly, so many who voted in all good faith to leave the EU were totally let down by those who offered this as a possibility. Farage, Johnson etc. simply had no plan in place to implement their promises. So after three long destructive years (just think about the 8500 jobs lost to Jaguar workers) we are still in limbo and suffering all round.

Nonnie Mon 12-Aug-19 11:01:32

I think it worked, saw in from Jay Rayner on Twitter this morning and got it straight away.