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More people want to leave EU, even Remainers, than before.

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newnanny Wed 11-Sep-19 10:11:14

It seems the tide may be turning for Brexit. More people now want to leave EU than at point of the referendum. Even Remainers now want to leave on Oct 31st and even with no deal if necessary. Outside of Parliament and of course Gransnet, leaving is very poplular with or without a deal.

EllanVannin Wed 11-Sep-19 10:17:56

Nope. I'm one Remainer who wants to Remain so that's that !

Teetime Wed 11-Sep-19 10:20:02

Get me out! That's what I voted for I didn't specify the terms just get me out.

newnanny Wed 11-Sep-19 10:20:23

Ah but you are on Gransnet!

EllanVannin Wed 11-Sep-19 10:26:52

This fiasco is too little too late and should have been decided some 30 years ago before we ended up with this shambles of a country that we have today.

( 1st post vanished ! )

GrandmaMoira Wed 11-Sep-19 10:35:01

I've not come across any Remainers that have become Leavers. The opposite is true, many who accepted leaving are now very concerned about the future with no deal and nothing planned for future trade.

GrandmaMoira Wed 11-Sep-19 10:36:41

I should have said what I see is not from Gransnet but from friends, family, FB and people talking in local shops.

trisher Wed 11-Sep-19 10:39:47

I don't know any Remainers who have changed their minds. I do know a lot of people who are desperately worried about No Deal. Fake news?

Doodledog Wed 11-Sep-19 10:40:38

When was the second referendum?

humptydumpty Wed 11-Sep-19 10:43:33

I agree, GrandmaMoira. newnanny the Express quotes a poll from ComRes, but I can't see it on their website. Do you have a link? The last 2 polls published surveyed 1,488 and 2,009 adults, which surely isn't really likely to predict the views of 60 million people, no matter how representative they're supposed to be?

Chestnut Wed 11-Sep-19 10:54:31

That is no surprise. People are sick to death of this circus. It's making us look like utter fools. Unlike May Boris has no fear and is prepared to deliver what the people voted for. He has MPs howling but the people are behind him.

Bridgeit Wed 11-Sep-19 10:56:43

A person with no fear is a fool indeed.

newnanny Wed 11-Sep-19 11:16:16

ComRes states

The majority of the British public (54%) agree that irrespective of whether or not they voted to leave the EU, the 2016 Referendum result should be respected.
Half of the British public disagree (49%) that Brexit should be delayed for a further three months to 31 January 2020, whilst less than three in ten (29%) agree.

This is on the ComRes website now.

MamaCaz Wed 11-Sep-19 11:22:53

I wouldn't even touch a facecream that had only been approved by that number and percentage of testers, so I'm certainly not going to take such a limited poll on such an important matter seriously.

CanuckaLatte Wed 11-Sep-19 11:24:39

I've not come across any Remainers that have become Leavers. The opposite is true, many who accepted leaving are now very concerned about the future with no deal and nothing planned for future trade.

This ^^. My MIL, who voted leave because of all the "immigrants making her doctor's surgery too busy" has decided that the colossal drop in the pound and her groceries going up by about 30% is far more annoying. hmm She's now praying that Boris fails, the Lib Dems get voted in, and we can turn this train wreck around.

CanuckaLatte Wed 11-Sep-19 11:28:15

When was the second referendum?

Soon hopefully. We reaffirm democracy every four years by having an election - surprise surprise, people change their minds. We are coming up on four years, time to reaffirm democracy and see whether people still want to stay or leave.
THAT'S true democracy.

humptydumpty Wed 11-Sep-19 11:37:18

newnanny I still can't see this poll on the ComRes website, could you provide a link, please? How many people is it based on?

humptydumpty Wed 11-Sep-19 11:41:04

Sorry newnanny I've found this now - it was based on the views of 1,488 people...!!

WOODMOUSE49 Wed 11-Sep-19 11:42:21


"He who has overcome his fears will truly be free. " Aristotle

crystaltipps Wed 11-Sep-19 11:43:22

Ooh a poll in the Excess. Must be true then ( not).
It’s not just about changing minds, what about all those elderly voters who have died. All the voters who were under 18 3 years ago. Maybe they should have a say in the current mess we are in. None of which was predicted 3 years ago. Oh, apart from the £ crashing, businesses relocating to Europe, job losses, possible medicine and food shortages, troubles with the border in Ireland, the normalisation of politicians lying, increase in hate crime, shortage of farm and health care workers, the soaring debt, the weakening of our science base, the divisions in families and society, the worsening of the trade gap, I mean we all think Brexit a great idea now do we? Or is it just the people ones who can’t be ar*sed to think about it and just think by leaving it will all be marvellous. Think again.

WOODMOUSE49 Wed 11-Sep-19 11:48:35


The quote from ComRes is totally misleading which in other posts has been pointed out. They really should quantify the result.

"The majority of the British public (54%) agree ..."

Should read: The majority of the 1,488 British public interviewed (54%) agree ..."

Vonnybobs Wed 11-Sep-19 11:57:44

For goodness sake stop with the scaremongering and get us out of the EU, they only want our money can’t anyone see that!!!

humptydumpty Wed 11-Sep-19 12:01:54

No!! - I can't see that..

crystaltipps Wed 11-Sep-19 12:12:29

This is not scaremongering - Job losses, relocation of businesses, price rises, increase in hate crime, shortage of agriculture and health care workers, £ crashing, divisions in society are all happening now. Leaving with no deal will be an act of economic self harm - a country putting economic sanctions on itself. Of course they don’t “only want our money”, we gained many economic benefits for our contribution. Those who believe the lies of millionaire elites who will benefit from deregulation and money laundering opportunities will be hardest hit.

newnanny Wed 11-Sep-19 12:38:42

I think many people are getting sick of MP's who are supposed to represent their constituencies and agreed to implement Brexit but use every opportunity to try to revoke (Lib Dems) or refuse to implement (by voting against everything (Labour). We need a GE to settle argument. I see Labour are now going to agree a leave deal with EU and then campaign for remain and vote against the deal they broker. Only Labour could come up with this hypocrisy.