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Another annus horribilis

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gallusquine Fri 20-Sep-19 09:49:06

David Cameron has let the cat out of the bag about the Queen improperly involving herself in the Scottish Independence Referendum. Buckingham Palace has said that there is an amount of displeasure at David Camerons indiscretion. I remember experiencing an amount of displeasure at the time and I felt some displeasure again recently at the outrage felt towards BJ for involving the Queen in political goings on re the proroguing of parliament.
I dont think the Queen was a naive player in all of this and even if she was she is well schooled in matters of her constitutional boundaries by her many advisors.
No one will be purring about these matters but I feel a level of gravitas and decorum has been lost.

merlotgran Sat 21-Sep-19 16:16:46

The Annus Horribilis was in 1992. The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret were still alive.

The Queen was referring to Andrew and Fergie separating, Diana's 'tell all' book, Anne and Mark Phillips divorcing, the photos of Fergie having her toes sucked, the Squidgygate tapes and finally the fire in Windsor castle.

No wonder she was feeling more than a little p**sed off.

Smileless2012 Sat 21-Sep-19 16:29:22

IMO it's not whether of not the Queen said what little she did say to influence the vote in the run up to the Scottish referendum for independence, it's the fact that DC has claimed that it was due to him that she did so.

The man's an idiot and again IMO in order to try and make himself look better, he'd only succeeded in making himself look even worse. Who would of thought that was possiblehmm.

Ginny42 Sat 21-Sep-19 17:59:20

Could DC's revelation be a move to tone down BJ involving the Queen?

DC makes disparaging remarks about Johnson changing his view on Brexit to further his career, seemingly being very critical of Johnson and then reveals that he too involved the Queen in playing a role in a political decision. Coincidence?

varian Sat 21-Sep-19 18:50:13

IMO it's just about Cameron's cack-handed attempt to sell his book, quite forgetting his responsibility never to divulge conversations (even one stage removed via private secretaries) with the queen.

I suspect the DC has now displaced Margaret Thatcher as Her Majesty's least favourite PM.

Calendargirl Sat 21-Sep-19 20:17:58


Least favourite or not, the Queen attended Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, not something she does for most of them.

Sussexborn Sat 21-Sep-19 21:03:29

Expecting to see this book in Poundland before too long! Who on earth would want to buy it?

He’s trying to defuse all the ill feeling against him but dragging HM in just makes him more of a gumptionless sleazeball.

BradfordLass72 Sun 22-Sep-19 12:46:52

I wouldn’t think the breakup of the marriages of three children as a mild irritation

No, it must have been heartbreaking as will be the current stupidity of Andrew but I can't help feeling that if this was a working class family and someone posted these troubles on GN (or indeed in that esteemed organ the Dail Mail), the first remark would probably be.

"Three divorces, adultery and possible under-age sex? I blame the parents!"