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Brexit, cutting the red tape

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MaizieD Thu 10-Oct-19 10:14:06

Andrea Leadsome's department has posted a series of videos outlining the changes for travel and trade with the EU which will occur after Brexit.

I only watched one, the first, but it seems to be more like an anti-Brexit piece than something that fills one with joy.

It makes one wonder what was so bad about only needing your passport and EHC to travel and work anywhere in the EU...

Comments on the videos could be worth exploring, too.

Here's one
She doesn’t mention that if you take a laptop with you into the EU then you’ll need to buy a customs certificate costing £140 and renewable annually, which is more than twice what it costs each person to be in the EU just on that one charge alone.

I suspect that Leavers have given up pretending that Brexit will cut out all the red tape... I expect they'll now say that they knew it was going to make trade and travel in the EU more complex and require more hoop jumping. But it's worth it...

MaizieD Thu 10-Oct-19 10:15:23

P.S re the 'laptop' comment. The poster meant a laptop for work, not leisure.

GracesGranMK3 Thu 10-Oct-19 10:24:24

I am afraid you are right Maizie. The Ministry of Brexit Truth will yet again try and tell us all 17,410,742 people knew this when they voted. Isn't it strange that 16,141,241 who voted to remain plus all those who didn't vote, because they thought we couldn't be as stupid as it turns out we can, be DID know.

winterwhite Thu 10-Oct-19 10:38:26

All this does show persistent Leavers in a bad light.
Three years have been spent trying to make what they wanted work while the interests of everyone else were neglected. And the answer is that it won't work without enormous cost to everyone and damage to the economy for several years. I think they should now say to the government. 'Thanks for trying, we supported the idea of Brexit but now realise that it's unworkable.' Simples?

varian Thu 10-Oct-19 10:56:12

The tide of public opinion has now turned against Brexit and Brits would now vote to stay in the EU, according to a new poll-of-polls.

Analysis of 300 surveys by market research firm Yougov has revealed that public support for Brexit waned a year after the 2016 referendum, and the majority of Brits have supported remaining in the bloc ever since.

Surely it is time for the BBC and others to stop allowing brexiters to keep claiming "people just want us to get brexit done". Maybe some people want that but most people just want to STOP BREXIT and that has been the case for more than two years.

humptydumpty Thu 10-Oct-19 11:24:59

We need a second referendum! - not after a GE, it should be a single-issue vote.

Dinahmo Thu 10-Oct-19 11:27:07

Varian Agree with you. Leavers have been assuming that because people say that they want to get it done, that they want to leave. I'm hoping that Parliament will decide that we cancel Brexit. Then we could have an election, without Brexit on the manifestos and sort out the many problems the British people are facing at the moment.

newnanny Thu 10-Oct-19 12:04:50

We need a GE. The government is paralysed in parliament. They can not get any legislation through the house and I have read the Queen's speech will be voted down. That is why we need a GE. In a GE each party can set out its official position on Brexit and the electorate can make its voice heard. The problems only arise when Labour says its official policy is to leave EU and a lot of leave voters voted for them believing they would take us out of EU only for Corbyn to betray them and flipflop to Remain. There current stance of Labour seems to be more towards Remain and is the opposite to their manifesto promises in 2017. Let us see how many votes Labour get, and will lose compared to 2017, if it campaigns for Remain.

varian Thu 10-Oct-19 12:31:45

In 2017 Remain voters destroyed the Tory majority by flocking to Labour as 'best bet' to stop a hard Brexit, finds study.

varian Thu 10-Oct-19 16:23:31

The annual direct (or “red tape”) cost of WTO tariff and non-tariff barriers is estimated to total around £27 billion for UK firms (or equivalent to 1.5 percent of GVA) and around £31 billion for EU27 firms (or equivalent to 0.4 percent of GVA) after initial steps to mitigate the impacts have been taken. They are of a similar absolute magnitude but about four times greater for the UK as a percentage of GVA.

from "THE “RED TAPE” COST OF BREXIT" by Oliver Wyman

growstuff Thu 10-Oct-19 22:54:55

No, newnanny a GE wouldn't decide how many people are still in favour of leaving the EU.

newnanny Mon 14-Oct-19 22:52:48

It would allow parliament to function properly.

MaizieD Mon 14-Oct-19 23:09:04

Parliament is functioning properly, newnannie, when it's not being interfered with by Johnson's tricks.

I'm not sure what miracle you are hoping for with a GE. The chances are it will be a hung parliament, just like the current one.

newnanny Tue 15-Oct-19 11:41:42

Parliament can't function properly when any government does not have a majority in the house. No legislation gets passed. Everything is stalemate. If we had a GE and there was a hung parliament maybe there would be an alliance.

varian Tue 15-Oct-19 20:08:30

We need to put a stop to this brexit nonsense ASAP then we can have a GE where we look at the policies which matter.

Labaik Tue 15-Oct-19 20:26:12

The trouble is, varian, that the powers that be keep telling me that my Labour vote was supporting the result of the referendum when, in fact, it was an attempt [a successful one] to reduce the powers of the worst, but most dangerous government in recent history.

varian Tue 15-Oct-19 20:36:00

That is the problem for Labour voters labaik. If you were go vote LibDem then your wish to Remain would be a curately registred.

varian Tue 15-Oct-19 20:36:48

accurately registered.

Labaik Wed 16-Oct-19 11:54:45

We are all voting LibDem this time but back then the important thing was to vote tactically to reduce May's majority. Then again we wouldn't be in the mess we are in now if Labour were more openly anti Brexit, but that won't happen, will it sad.

GillT57 Wed 16-Oct-19 12:06:20

No, newnanny we do not want or need a GE until this Brexit fiasco is sorted out. As a remainer living in a constituency with an ERG MP, my vote for anyone other than him would be a waste as he has such a huge majority, I want a second referendum to settle Brexit, then a GE based on what the various parties propose as a way of going forward, whether we leave the EU or we don't.

moggie57 Wed 16-Oct-19 12:07:19

i dont think people would vote to stay .after all the red tape and the hiring and firing of mps.its one big mess up. our government is and was unable to cope with the leave situation .we should leave. we voted to leave. why the hell do we want another referendum .if it had gone the other way and we voted to stay ,we would get another chance to vote . no we wouldnt .no deal and leave.who wants germany in control of england .i certainly dont.we already send europe billions of pounds every week. . we need the money to pay for our FREE nhs. for care fed up with all this euro rubbish... health and safety twaddle. sorry we voted to leave. we must you know the first words from the german chancellor when we voted leave. her words were "i thought we got them". me i'm not old enough to be through any war that fought to keep england free .but call me patriotic /old fashioned / but wasnt both world wars to keep germany out of england.yes i know we have lovely doctors and nurses from other countries. but england should look after her self ,than let germany rule us.

moggie57 Wed 16-Oct-19 12:08:33

would we get another chance to vote? was meant to say..

GillT57 Wed 16-Oct-19 12:12:13

oh Moggie57.........have you read the OP? Why do people criticise Health and Safety rules? Why is it so outrageous to expect to come home from work in the same state of health as when you got there, why is it wrong to expect to buy an item, perhaps a toy for your grandchild that is safe and won't injure them? I am trying very hard to be polite and understanding, but .......Also, would you like to back up some of your more outrageous quotes from Angela Merkel? Sigh.

newnanny Wed 16-Oct-19 13:05:28

Varian your are wrong. A large poll by ComRes with a much larger sample than usual has found more people want to leave the EU than ever.

GracesGranMK3 Wed 16-Oct-19 13:13:13

So why not have a confirmatory people's vote on the deal newnanny*.