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Demonstrations - Have you? Would you?

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Amagran Thu 17-Oct-19 09:07:48

Hello Everyone, with the upcoming People's Vote march on Saturday, I was wondering what causes have moved you to demonstrate in the past and what causes might move you to demonstrate in the future.

I have the greatest respect for anyone who is willing to stand up and do something for a cause they believe in: Leavers, Remainers, Climate change protesters, anti-frackers, etc. etc.

I confess, though, that I am a demonstration 'virgin'! I am joining the march on Saturday, going down to London on a march coach, but on my own. I would be very grateful for any advice and tips from more experienced demonstrators.

Amagran Sun 20-Oct-19 21:45:26

Thank you Bellanonna

GillT57 Mon 21-Oct-19 18:28:44

I was there too Amagran, and it was my first ever march, I had a fab day, walked with lots of lovely people and never heard a raised voice. The atmosphere was friendly and supportive and we managed to get to the screen just before Parliament, and could see the HoC. The cheer when the count came through was wonderful, even in the rain which had just started. There were people of all ages, races, nationalities, families, some three generational and despite what some of you have insinuated, it was not a 'leftie' day out paid for by the unions; au contraire, there were a large group from 'Veterans for Remain', and from 'Tories 4 Remain', in fact the chap trying to sell stuff from a Socialist Worker stand looked rather fed up and doing very little business. I am so glad we went, glad I can hold my head up that I tried to stop this undemocratic shi*storm.

Labaik Mon 21-Oct-19 18:31:26

The chap that organised our bus was a Conservative Councillor.

varian Mon 21-Oct-19 18:42:56

30% of Conservative held constituencies voted Remain, but do you ever see TV cameras going to these places? They only ever go to leave-voting constituencies.

Today I was with a small group of Conservative ladies, one of whom I know did vote leave, but they were all unanimous in wanting brexit to stop.

Daisymae Mon 21-Oct-19 20:27:15

Protested outside the Japanese embassy a few years ago about their continued slaughter of dolphins under the guise of tradition. They actually eat a few but sell the pretty ones to shows for vast amounts of money. There were about 1000 people there, but sadly it continues.