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David Cameron makes my skin crawl.

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grapefruitpip Sat 23-Nov-19 21:24:24

" Born to lead"

He ruined this country with his posh boy arrogance.

Ngaio1 Sat 23-Nov-19 23:10:11

Doesn't do that to me. When he was quite a bit younger and fitter I thought he was gorgeous!

Chestnut Sat 23-Nov-19 23:32:47

Don't start another 'makes my skin crawl' thread. I presume it's in response to the Blair thread. Well Blair has always made my skin crawl, but not Cameron. I think he was forced to do some things he would not otherwise have done because he had Farage nipping at his heels (i.e. the referendum). He also inherited a country which was on its knees after the last Labour government. Remember than shameful note saying there was no money left. I think that note said all you need to know about Labour.

lemongrove Sat 23-Nov-19 23:43:01

Too late Chestnut....she has already started it..although I suspect the comment by Ngaiol wasn’t the one she hoped for.?
Cameron was wrong to walk away from the PMship and from his constituency, but in the looks dept he was a bit of alright.

Oopsminty Sat 23-Nov-19 23:46:57

He was fine

I always feel desperately sad for him with regard to the loss of his much loved little boy

QuaintIrene Sun 24-Nov-19 00:02:14

My nephew is his friend. They were at the same college. Met him lots of times at at weddings etc. He is actually normal nice and yes, he is privileged but so is Jeremy Corbyn.

Chewbacca Sun 24-Nov-19 00:26:54

He's a coward.

ladymuck Sun 24-Nov-19 07:04:24

If only he didn't enjoy hunting!

crystaltipps Sun 24-Nov-19 07:13:39

Slime mould of the first order.
Will it be “Margaret Thatcher makes my skin crawl” thread next ?

Maggiemaybe Sun 24-Nov-19 07:53:49

Surely by now everyone’s read that leaving a joke note for the following leader was a long-standing tradition at the Treasury?

Unfortunately Liam Byrne failed to realise that we live in a world where a political leader would cynically take full advantage of his light-hearted note, carry it around in his pocket for years and brandish it at every opportunity. Byrne has said in interview that it drove him to the brink of suicide.

Maggiemaybe Sun 24-Nov-19 07:54:51

TerriBull Sun 24-Nov-19 08:01:54

............or how about Nick Clegg making our skin crawl for taking his 30 pieces of silver and selling his soul to Facebook for a seven figure salary and still claiming over £100,000 in expenses from his time as an MP. Let's face it we could find many of our prominent politcal figures could fit the "skin crawl" criteria. Quite a pointless thread really.

Nightsky2 Sun 24-Nov-19 08:15:29

Well that’s your problem isn’t it!. Posh boy arrogance indeed.
At least David Cameron had lovely manners, something sadly missing on some of these threads. The rudeness shown towards others is beyond belief.

Manners maketh man.

TerriBull Sun 24-Nov-19 08:30:58

David Cameron and Nick Clegg were good oratators and no doubt saw themselves as quite virtuous. The reality, they both came across as lightweights about as out of touch with the electorate as they could possibly be, both cushioned by wealth and privilege

John McDonnell, now there's someone to make one's skin crawl, lovely friendly bank manager persona on the surface belying the malevolent submerged underside personified by his suggestion that a female Tory MP could be lynched, all at a time when female MPs across the spectrum are receiving hideous and threatening abuse.

grapefruitpip Sun 24-Nov-19 08:32:00

Don't start another 'makes my skin crawl' thread

Too late Chestnut....she has already started it.

Sorry, am I missing something, are you 2 in charge of GN now?

Whitewavemark2 Sun 24-Nov-19 08:35:50

Thread police?

Always makes me grin.

lemongrove Sun 24-Nov-19 08:47:25

Yes gfp we are in charge now and challenge you to start one thread.....just one thread that isn’t gloomy/bitter/moaning.
Try it....have a go! ?

lemongrove Sun 24-Nov-19 08:49:25

I agree Terri ( Clegg was a looker though)?

TerriBull Sun 24-Nov-19 08:52:41

Well maybe that's why he shifted himself to America Lemon, looks and superficiality go down well there!

lemongrove Sun 24-Nov-19 08:54:02

McDonnell and Corbyn for the kindly old uncle routine ( as if we buy it! )
On the QT the other night a man said ‘I don’t buy the kindly grandpa act’ ( or words to that effect) to Corbyn ?

lemongrove Sun 24-Nov-19 08:55:20

Possibly Terri but more likely for the money.

grapefruitpip Sun 24-Nov-19 08:55:40

lemon aka the thread police......will this do?

Does anybody volunteer/work in a charity shop?

Cindersdad Sun 24-Nov-19 08:58:00

David Cameron should never have had the 2016 referendum. He was arrogant but no more than Tony Blair or Margaret Thatcher. The current crop political leaders are little better. Many of them are unfit for purpose

As for Nick Clegg he trusted the Tories and ruined the LibDems as a consequence. Joe Swinson is lacking in experience and it really shows.

Both Labour and Tory leaders currently have lost sight of what is really best for the country. As a remainer I cannot see the situation getting better anytime soon.

My list of present politicians who make my skin crawl include Boris Johnson, Sajid Javid, Andrea Leadsom, Nicola Sturgeon, Priti Pattel, Jacob Ress-Mogg, Jeremy Corbyn all of whom should be consigned to room 101 along with of course Donald Trump.

Nigel Farage though I do not like him has recently showed a tend towards realism on issues other than Brexit.

lemongrove Sun 24-Nov-19 09:00:57

At least your dislike of politicians goes all across the board Cinders so is even handed.

crystaltipps Sun 24-Nov-19 09:03:33

You missed Michael Gove off the skin crawl list- he really is a slimy backstabbing toad.