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Train Strike. How do I find out if my trains running?

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Ohmother Mon 25-Nov-19 16:34:46

Exactly that. Where do I look, now, to see if I can get from Waterloo to Southampton on 9th December with this train strike? Do they release the revised timetables now?

Tooting29 Mon 25-Nov-19 16:52:05

On line will tell you. The strike is going ahead with some stations not being serviced and buses running.

Alima Mon 25-Nov-19 16:54:29

Our experience of South Western Trains when they are on strike is that rather than there being no trains there is just complete chaos and no such thing as a revised timetable. We are pretty much at their mercy here but have always managed to get to our destination without too much delay. Good luck with your journey, we aren’t looking forward to December train travel either!

Riverwalk Mon 25-Nov-19 16:59:08

Unfortunately, any information they put out now will not be relevant by 9 December.

grandma60 Mon 25-Nov-19 17:53:07


According to the ticket office at Southampton Station when I enquired one day last week there will be one 10 carriage train an hour to Waterloo during the strike.
Of course as others have said, it probably won't be that straight forward.

Ohmother Mon 25-Nov-19 20:04:56

I’m wondering if we will be able to get home from London on the Monday 9th. ?

grandma60 Mon 25-Nov-19 21:05:17

Well if the information I was given doesn't change you should be ok, but things could change. We are travelling on Dec 17th but I think we may book a coach.

Tangerine Mon 25-Nov-19 21:07:19

It's a bit early to find out at the moment. More information will appear nearer the time.

midgey Mon 25-Nov-19 21:10:04

Tempted to say....’Who bloody knows!’ Hope you get there safely somehow.

Ohmother Tue 26-Nov-19 20:10:28

Thanks all. You are great! X