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A question for those who thought austerity was necessary.

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GracesGranMK3 Fri 29-Nov-19 12:01:56

Mr Johnson has now declared that, over the course of the last nine years plus, he was not in agreement with austerity.

Now I have a little list of those who have vowed and declared on here that it was and that the far-right Tories, whom Mr Johnson is now disavowing, were right.

What other things will it be okay for him to say "not me Guv" to and, with careful newspeak, convince Tory voters that he was never part of it, while Tory Mayor, or while voting for this as an MP or agreeing with it as a member of the cabinet and then voting for it.

Just how much of our history will you accept being rewritten in this way?

Dinahmo Fri 29-Nov-19 12:51:55

Very good question. Am about to have lunch then go shopping so will think later.

Hetty58 Fri 29-Nov-19 12:56:15

I'm sure that, by now, most people know that austerity was a political decision and not necessary at all. Of course he 'was not in agreement' - he'd have no valid reasons to defend it!

GracesGranMK3 Fri 29-Nov-19 13:45:06

I think you would be surprised how many, using 'Mrs Thatcher's Handbag' economic model still believe it was necessary Hetty.

EllanVannin Fri 29-Nov-19 14:14:03

I'm afraid Mr Johnson only stands for the benefit of the wealthy and well-heeled within his inner-circle of voters and certainly has no time for those who aren't able to help themselves.
I've never in my life seen such a divide in this country between the rich and the poor and those in the middle who are working but have to rely on food banks.

None of the politicians live in the real world and wouldn't last a week living how some are made to live. How does BJ propose that this small over-populated country manages without the helping hand of the EU ?

It's time to release those hoarded funds and get this country back into some semblance of order by investing in the young, the future of the country, and set up apprenticeships for school leavers. Start up a recruitment service which offers an incentive to those who want to join the NHS and put a cap on energy prices.

This austerity has affected millions with its knock-on effect with just about every part of our way of life affected in some way. It's been an unnecessary evil in everyone's life and there's been no need of it whatsoever. To me it's been a power thing such as holding people to ransom and it's criminal when working people are turning to food-banks and loans to get by.

MaizieD Fri 29-Nov-19 14:17:18

I have to confess that you do puzzle me, EV ... hmm