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GracesGranMK3 Fri 06-Dec-19 08:08:05

In the Guardian today, under the heading of "An overhaul of Westminster politics is long overdue" is this letter.

For all the divisions on display in this election campaign, there’s one point nearly all voters agree on: the desperate need for reform in Westminster.

Yet despite many parties commenting on the need for change in their manifestos, the issue of political reform has been dangerously absent from the campaign trail.

This radio silence is indefensible when polling for the Electoral Reform Society shows 85% of people feel that politics isn’t working, and 80% feel they have little or no influence on decision-making today. With public faith this low our politicians cannot afford to stay silent.

^The signs of democratic decay are all around us – from an electoral system that wastes votes on an industrial scale, to the private members’ club that is the unelected House of Lords. This year we’ve seen our parliament lunge from crisis to crisis.
This election is a watershed moment for our democracy – inaction is not an option. Today we are calling for leaders to make the issue of updating and transforming Westminster front and centre, as part of #DemocracyDay.^

We are asking them all to commit to a constitutional convention involving citizens, to set out how to reform Westminster after the election.

There is a high degree of cross-party unity around issues like updating Britain’s analogue-age campaign rules, spreading power outside of London and reining in our crumbling constitution.

With trust in politics at record lows, voters want to see parties open up about how to overhaul Westminster. Today is an opportunity to do just that. It is time for all parties to present their proposals with pride and passion.

This Democracy Day, let’s start to build a better politics.

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varian Fri 06-Dec-19 17:19:30

In 2010 I was a reluctant supporter of the Con/LibDem coalition but I thought then, and still do, that Nick Clegg should have demanded electoral reform as a price for his party's co-operation, and not settled for a referendum on AV (which no-one wanted as it is not proportional) and then have his bill to reform the House of Lords voted down.

Our democracy is seriously broken and must be reformed. If we get another hung parliament, this should be at the top of the agenda.