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This made me smile- lovely baby and proud Daddy.

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MawB Wed 01-Jan-20 08:49:21

There have been some disparaging comments about the Sussexes’ Christmas card with a slightly cross-eyed baby (or so I thought) crawling towards the camera but my D accused me (entirely unjustifiably I thought) of “Meghan bashing” so in the spirit of reconciliation, I am posting an enchanting pic of baby Archie - one that any of us Grans would be happy with (indeed our grandchildren may have that sweet little hat)
Happy New Year little Archie!

Yehbutnobut Wed 01-Jan-20 08:55:45

And Happy New Year to Harry and Meghan too

Brunette10 Wed 01-Jan-20 09:37:31

Yes, I don't agree with what they have done over the festive season or other times, but like you I thought this photo was just adorable, just like any baby with their daddy.

Blinko Wed 01-Jan-20 09:38:57

Gorgeous, isn't it? I wish them well in 2020.

Calendargirl Wed 01-Jan-20 10:40:56

I think Archie looks like Granny Doria.

henetha Wed 01-Jan-20 11:01:15

That is a lovely photo. I wish them well.

Callistemon Wed 01-Jan-20 11:37:24

It is a lovely photo of baby with his daddy.
Happy New Year Archie and may the world become a kinder place.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 01-Jan-20 11:43:02

Beautiful photograph of Prince Harry and Archie, I wish them and their families a happy and healthy 2020.

TrendyNannie6 Wed 01-Jan-20 11:45:39

What a great photo

Yehbutnobut Wed 01-Jan-20 12:17:37

Who these people who think they are entitled to ‘not agree’ with how a young couple choose to live their life?

growstuff Wed 01-Jan-20 12:20:11

It's a lovely photo.

Tooting29 Wed 01-Jan-20 22:28:59

Lovely photo and heartwarming.

merlotgran Wed 01-Jan-20 22:33:14

It's a lovely photo. He's gorgeous.

AllotmentLil Wed 01-Jan-20 22:36:12

Yes, I thought it was a lovely photo and will knit a version of that hat for anyone who will wear it - gorgeous!

BradfordLass72 Wed 01-Jan-20 23:10:17

AllotmentLil I'd love one grin

Great photo, much better than the usual posed stuff....but I suppose they have their place too

rafichagran Thu 02-Jan-20 18:38:40

Lovely picture of Father and son. X

nanaK54 Thu 02-Jan-20 18:41:32

Beautiful photo

Millie22 Thu 02-Jan-20 19:14:16

I much prefer this photo of baby Archie and his dad to the black and white one. His face looked a bit strange.

morethan2 Thu 02-Jan-20 19:15:41


Iam64 Thu 02-Jan-20 20:06:05

Great pic, relaxed daddy and baby. The kind of pic any of us could have taken with a mobile, on one of our post Christmas walks round the reservoir.

growstuff Thu 02-Jan-20 20:15:33

After all the sh*t which has been thrown at them over the last year, I hope Harry, Meghan and Archie had a few relaxing days.

merlotgran Thu 02-Jan-20 23:29:22

I hope Harry, Meghan and Archie had a few relaxing days.

I think it was six weeks.