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You couldn't make it up! This tweet by a Brexit Party MEP

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cangran Tue 21-Jan-20 10:55:38

June Mummery
Attending the penultimate session of the #EuropeanParliament’s #FisheriesCommittee #PECHcommittee) with #BritishMEPs. The big question now is, who will be here to hold these people to account while they still control Britain’s waters, but the UK has no representation?

Callistemon Tue 21-Jan-20 11:13:19

It's worth accessing her tweet just to read the comments underneath, particularly the one from Dr Charles Tannock.

trisher Tue 21-Jan-20 11:17:27

But everyone knew what they were voting for didn't they, didn't they???? confused

jura2 Tue 21-Jan-20 11:21:53

Farage e only attended 1 of the 42 meetings he could have attended on a Fisheries Committee? So we were not particularly well represented by him when we were members, were we?