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Channel 4 News Report on White Helmets of Syria

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Marilla Fri 07-Feb-20 15:04:37

This was a most vivid and shocking report from Syria.
A maternity hospital had been bombed by either the Russians or Syrians. Newly delivered babies, a mum who minutes before had a Caesarean section and women in labour being rescued by the White Helmets. The chaos and panic of trying to get the women and babies into the few available ambulances was heart wrenching.

Amidst the confusion, a baby in an incubator had been left behind. The brave volunteer White Helmets (Young males) drove back to the bombed hospital and found the baby.
It took three ambulance changes to get the tiny baby the basic oxygen he needed to have any chance of survival.

The compassion and bravery shown by the group of volunteers to save one tiny life was incredible.

There will be another report from Syria this evening on Channel 4 news.

The United Nations appears to be impotent in dealing with the Russians and Syrians who break every rule of the Geneva Convention in bombing civilian hospitals.

I cannot find the words to describe my dismay in how I feel about this report.

Jane43 Sun 09-Feb-20 05:58:20

The people of Syria have gone through so much, it is heartbreaking and humbling to watch their bravery and dignity. I urge you to watch the documentary ‘For Maya’ which is on Channel 4, it won a BAFTA last weekend and has been nominated for an Oscar this weekend. It Features a young Doctor, his wife who made the documentary and their friends and what they endured during the siege of Aleppo. Maya is their daughter who was born during the siege and was with them when they accepted their BAFTA.