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Boris Johnson admitted to hospital

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Iam64 Sun 05-Apr-20 21:17:08

It’s said as a precaution, not an emergency. I hope he recovers. Who will lead?

FoghornLeghorn Sun 05-Apr-20 21:18:29

I think he’s looked very unwell each time we’ve seen him.

MissAdventure Sun 05-Apr-20 21:19:12


Oh boy.

merlotgran Sun 05-Apr-20 21:20:17

Oh, poor man. He has looked so unwell in TV appearances.

Anniebach Sun 05-Apr-20 21:20:28

Hope it is just a precaution, poor man

MawB Sun 05-Apr-20 21:20:46


Just another reminder that nobody is immune sad

Iam64 Sun 05-Apr-20 21:21:22

I heard earlier that his pregnant partner also has the virus.
He must be poorly to be going into hospital.

LadyGracie Sun 05-Apr-20 21:21:29

Poor soul, I hope he’ll be okay, he has looked dreadful recently.

Kandinsky Sun 05-Apr-20 21:21:59

Really hope he’s okay and recovers ASAP.

Oopsminty Sun 05-Apr-20 21:22:05

It is indeed worrying

Nobody will be admitted to hospital at the moment unless it's absolutely necessary

gillybob Sun 05-Apr-20 21:22:41

Omg . I’ve had a family member die of CV today ( not close ) but still very upsetting . Please let Boris be okay . These are the worst of times . sad

Kandinsky Sun 05-Apr-20 21:23:16

He still had a temperature after a week which was worrying.

Urmstongran Sun 05-Apr-20 21:23:27

Sorry didn’t see this thread. I will request mine is taken down

I thought he looked unwell. Perhaps he ought to have been resting more?

I hope he gets better soon.

dragonfly46 Sun 05-Apr-20 21:24:52

Bad news!

Iam64 Sun 05-Apr-20 21:25:28

Gillybob, we had a well liked local community activist die this week. We are heading for a time when Most of us will know a sufferer.
You’re right, these are tough times x

Riverwalk Sun 05-Apr-20 21:27:57

He's probably got pneumonia - 10 days is a long time to have a temperature.

SalsaQueen Sun 05-Apr-20 21:28:03

He's looked unwell for a while now. I hope he's better soon.

Callistemon Sun 05-Apr-20 21:29:39

He did look unwell but carried on working from home when he really should have been resting.
I hope he recovers.

And I hope Carrie and the baby will be OK.

Nightsky2 Sun 05-Apr-20 21:31:21

Will be looking for lung infection, Ct scans etc., 10 days on with high temperature. I wish him all the best, it’s worrying but he’s in the best place.

NanKate Sun 05-Apr-20 21:40:50

Get well soon Boris we need you. ?

Firecracker123 Sun 05-Apr-20 21:51:18

Yes get well soon Boris your country needs you.

Manmar2 Sun 05-Apr-20 21:54:44

Dreadful news. Hope he’s ok. We need you Boris.

vegansrock Sun 05-Apr-20 21:55:27

The country doesn’t need him but hope he recovers soon.

lavenderzen Sun 05-Apr-20 21:57:49

Dreadful news. Get well soon Boris.

Susan55 Sun 05-Apr-20 22:01:37

Being under so much stress trying to run the country must be taking its toll on his immune system. I do hope he will be ok. He has done everything he can to sort out this chaos and in so doing has definitely earned my respect.