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grannyactivist Mon 15-Jun-20 09:41:10

Please take a moment to watch this, it's one of the most uplifting things you'll see I'm sure. This lovely young man is using his position as a footballer to speak out on child poverty and asking the government to reinstate food vouchers for children so they don't go hungry this summer. His mother must be so proud of her boy!

grannyactivist Mon 15-Jun-20 09:44:22

Sorry - meant to also link the letter he wrote.

Oldbat1 Mon 15-Jun-20 09:48:09

Yes totally agree - what an amazing young man.

growstuff Mon 15-Jun-20 09:48:58


mumofmadboys Mon 15-Jun-20 09:49:35

Lovely interview. What a thoughtful and humble person!

growstuff Mon 15-Jun-20 09:55:09

Rashford and former footballer, Joe Cole, have helped raise £20 million for FareShare. Apparently, Rashford made a personal donation.

EllanVannin Mon 15-Jun-20 09:55:47

I'd be proud of this young man as a son. Well done to him.
You CAN turn your life around if you're determined enough to do it and I admire those who do.
He had a good woman at the back of him----his mum ! The world needs mums like that.

westendgirl Mon 15-Jun-20 10:00:10

Why is the government even thinking about getting rid of food vouchers.Well done for highlighting this , Marcus Rashford. It is so good you have spoken out.
In previous years our church has taken part in Make Lunch an organisation providing a meal for children during the school holidays I must admit I was shocked to hear that children were going hungry in the holidays,.It is still going onto our shame .

GrannyGravy13 Mon 15-Jun-20 10:16:43

I watched his interview, admirable young man, a marvellous roll model.

After the interview they read out a government statement saying whilst they were discontinuing the vouchers, there would be lunches provided by way of the usual holiday schemes / holiday activities these children would have participated in the same as previous years. I have no idea what these arrangements are?

Kate1949 Mon 15-Jun-20 10:31:49

I've been reading about Marcus lately. He's done so many wonderful things for charity.

suziewoozie Mon 15-Jun-20 10:41:06

There are absolutely no plans at all for the usual holiday schemes etc and the Government as ever and always is lying- it knows we know it is lying and it doesn’t give a damn because we are basically beneath its contempt

growstuff Mon 15-Jun-20 10:42:52

GrannyGravy When you've found out about holiday schemes and activities in your area, let us all know.

Summer holidays have always been a problem for children on free school meals and demand for food banks soars. This year the problem is worse because more families are living at a tipping point.

What the government is saying is that it's going to do naff all. So much for caring for all those vulnerable children whom so-called leftie teachers are depriving of an education, eh? Pure hypocrisy!

gillybob Mon 15-Jun-20 10:44:25

A very sensible and clearly well brought up young man. My 10 year old, footy mad grandson loves him and what an excellent role model he is.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 15-Jun-20 10:59:29

growstuff I did say I had no idea what the arrangements were.

grannyactivist Mon 15-Jun-20 11:26:06

In our town the local FoodBank is increasing deliveries to families with children at the moment and in the summer they usually do daily children's packed lunches. I don't think they'll have the means to do that this year as the current demand is in danger of outstripping supply.

Like Marcus Rashford I too was raised in Wythenshawe and had free school dinners, and because we were very poor and we'd previously suffered from malnutrition we also went to a different school canteen in the summer holidays to continue getting school meals. I hate to think that in 2020 children in this country are still in food poverty, but I'm genuinely touched that this young man (remember he's still only 22) is getting his name in the papers, not for a scandal, but for calling on the government to feed vulnerable children - and has literally put his money where his mouth is.

growstuff Mon 15-Jun-20 11:33:01

I know you did GrannyGravy, but it shouldn't be that difficult to find out.

The reason I suggested you find out about your own area is that areas do differ. I know for an absolute fact that there are no free out of school holiday schemes in my area, but I don't know whether that's typical.

If it is typical, the government's comment about schemes running as usual is worth absolutely nothing - not even the oxygen to utter the words.

GillT57 Mon 15-Jun-20 11:38:19

As far as I am aware, the only schemes around here are run by volunteers who cook meals from food donated by the public, the government has no input whatsoever. Now going to the link, I need something uplifting to confirm my faith in human nature.

westendgirl Mon 15-Jun-20 11:42:59

There is a petition on to stop free school meals ending in the summer holidays.
It is a scandal that this is happening. What is wrong with this government allowing this to go on year after year. It has been known that some children do not have a proper meal in the school holidays. Hence the emergence of such groups as Make Lunch ..

GillT57 Mon 15-Jun-20 11:47:10

Articulate and honest, his Mother should be proud of the caring and understanding young man she raised.

Jane43 Mon 15-Jun-20 16:13:01

I saw him this morning and was very impressed by him, his mother must be bursting with pride.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 15-Jun-20 16:47:44

Marcus Rashford:
The government has taken a ‘whatever it takes’ approach to the economy – I’m asking you today to extend that same approach to protecting vulnerable children. I encourage you to hear their pleas and find your humanity.

Boris Johnson:

Nannee49 Tue 16-Jun-20 06:57:48

What a fabulous young man Marcus Rashford is and what an absolute f**king disgrace that he has to reach out to this sh*t shower of a government pleading they feed hungry children.

Apologies for the expletives but this should NOT BE HAPPENING!

Sparkling Tue 16-Jun-20 07:09:16

I am impressed by him, he is a kind person, caring and gentle but strong, his mother was a good example to him. Treat all people as you would want to be treated. I cannot stand the bad language and aggression that people bully you with now to make their point yours.

Nannee49 Tue 16-Jun-20 07:35:03

I don't think there's a much more aggressive act than keeping food from hungry children when it's in one's power to feed them.

Iam64 Tue 16-Jun-20 08:00:46

Local hero - Marcus Rashford.
I have always believed that children who qualify for free school meals should continue to be provided with a decent meal throughout the school holidays.
What a great young role model he is. On the radio yesterday, he talked about going to Poundland with his mum where she'd buy yoghurts so her children could have one yoghurt each day. She worked as well as bringing up her children.
All credit to her and to the ManU youth group, who arranged for Marcus to go into their "digs" at 11, a year younger than most boys, because it was agreed he needed to be well fed and provided with good role models, to reach his potential.

It reminded me of our family history where one of my uncles was sent to be "built up" before he could join his unit in WW2.