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I love the statue that has replaced the slave trader

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Whitewavemark2 Wed 15-Jul-20 19:42:08

Wonder how long the far right will let it stand?

flopen Fri 17-Jul-20 15:05:25

Ok trisher let's have one of Thatcher. Though I imagine she's the wrong sort of woman.

Eloethan Fri 17-Jul-20 16:35:00

I think it's a great statue but it has been said that it is not for a few individuals to decide which people should be honoured by the commissioning and placing of statues. I think that is a reasonable point but I do wonder how many "ordinary" people have ever been properly consulted on such issues.

So far as central London is concerned, there are dozens and dozens of statues of white men - often military men and sometimes military men who were involved in putting down uprisings in our various colonies - an assortment of royals and aristocrats, fictional characters (such as Paddington Bear and Peter Pan) and disproportionately few statues of named women (even many of them are emblematic or generic images, rather than honouring a specific woman for her achievements). Statues of BAME people are very thin on the ground.

I hope the Bristol statue is eventually welcomed by Bristolians as representing a future where the achievements of a wider group of people are honoured.

Callistemon Fri 17-Jul-20 16:38:17

fictional characters That gave me a thought, Eloethan

Huge statues of Wallace and Gromit

trisher Fri 17-Jul-20 17:06:47

flopen there are already 2 statues of her. I think that's enough.

Eloethan Sat 18-Jul-20 01:38:14

More than enough, in my opinion.

Furret Sat 18-Jul-20 07:14:59

We have the answer to the original question....less than 24 hours.

25Avalon Sat 18-Jul-20 08:40:34

Brilliant idea Callistemon. They’ve raised huge amount for the Children’s hospital.

Sparklefizz Sat 18-Jul-20 08:49:45

Good idea re Banksy, Lemongrove . I have a Bristol postcode so will presumably be allowed a vote.