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Boris's Hair!

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merlotgran Mon 12-Oct-20 21:29:58

Is falling out.

Apparently it's a side effect of Covid. I was quite shocked to see the change in his appearance during today's briefings.

Ellianne Mon 12-Oct-20 21:32:57

More like he's tearing his hair out merlot!
I know I would be in his position

NfkDumpling Mon 12-Oct-20 21:39:07

He certainly has got a lot on at the moment!

NotTooOld Mon 12-Oct-20 21:49:16

Probably the baby is teething by now, too. Remember what that was like? grin

Ellianne Mon 12-Oct-20 21:52:52

And Dillon the dog is in that adolescent phase!

paddyanne Mon 12-Oct-20 22:06:48

I'm more concerned about whats going on IN his head than whats on it.The gibberish that he spouts suggests its not much!

NotTooOld Mon 12-Oct-20 22:07:18

OMG what a life poor Boris is having - Brexit, Covid, baby and dog. He thought he was only letting himself in for Brexit.

Hellogirl1 Mon 12-Oct-20 22:18:32

There were a lot of in his speech tonight.

tanith Mon 12-Oct-20 22:23:35

Lot of hair on his jacket too?

NotTooOld Mon 12-Oct-20 22:26:21

He does perform badly compared to the very professional speakers he often shares a platform with. I'm thinking of Chris Whitty and Patrick Whatsit. Rishi Sunak always shows up Boris as well.

NotTooOld Mon 12-Oct-20 22:27:04

tanith - grin

Ellianne Mon 12-Oct-20 22:41:36


Lot of hair on his jacket too?

Do you mean he is wearing a hair shirt to punish himself?

EllanVannin Mon 12-Oct-20 22:42:53

Wash and Go !

biba70 Mon 12-Oct-20 22:53:24

Poor Boris ''Brexit, Covid, baby and dog.''- nope, sorry. I tried, I can't - feel sorry for him, one little bit.

EllanVannin Mon 12-Oct-20 23:03:12

Hair today gone tomorrow.

mokryna Mon 12-Oct-20 23:10:13