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Government reduces minimum salary for migrants to settle in UK

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GagaJo Sun 25-Oct-20 22:17:44

The government has quietly reduced the £35,800 minimum salary for migrants to settle in the UK by almost 30%, it has emerged.

Migrants on salaries of £20,480 but with enough points under Boris Johnson’s new Australian-style immigration system to qualify for jobs where there is a shortage of workers will also be entitled to settle after six years and become citizens.

growstuff Mon 26-Oct-20 21:07:45



we already have a massive shortage of doctors and nurses - being taught on line is not ideal, for sure ;)

If you look at the Road Haulage Association's web site you will find that there is in excess of 75,000 shortages of HGV drivers. That's those that can drive the articulated trucks.

What concerns me about importing labour, whether skilled or semi-skilled, is the impact it has on the home country that they are leaving. Where will that country train replacements, how long will those that live there have to wait for the sort of things that we take for granted?

The problem with HGV drivers is the initial cost and time it takes to train. Most drivers pay for it themselves.