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Daisymae Thu 05-Nov-20 14:50:32

I see that Johnson is to talk to the nation again today. I imagine that he will be reinforcing the message about the figures. Obviously caught on the hop at the weekend. I'm almost starting to feel sorry for him. Almost.

ExD Thu 05-Nov-20 14:52:31

I wouldn't want his job, and yes I feel sorry for all the people who have to make these unpalatable decisions.

Blinko Thu 05-Nov-20 15:26:55

Oh Gawd, not another drawn out 'briefing'. Tautology, I know.

He is beginning to look very grey and hangdog. I guess this is not the glowing premiership he envisaged.

Barmeyoldbat Thu 05-Nov-20 15:30:10

Maybe he is quitting smile

Charleygirl5 Thu 05-Nov-20 15:33:06

That really would be very good news and I may break the rules by dancing in the street because I know I would not be alone.

petra Thu 05-Nov-20 15:37:10

caught on the hop
He was given figures/ information that didn't add up. Did he bother to read them? No. If he had I like to think that with his education he would have realised that 2+ 2 weren't making 4.
The only reason he's making another speech is because he's been told that the natives are becoming restless 😡
I wonder, also, if he's been informed that the natives have noticed that the emperor has no clothes.

B9exchange Thu 05-Nov-20 16:05:55

Surely it is to announce the extension of furlough to March?

JenniferEccles Thu 05-Nov-20 16:17:39

I also feel sorry for him.
He is being pulled this way and that by all the scientists and so called experts all wanting him to do something different.

Then there are his own MPs with differing views on the wisdom of the latest lockdown.

Then there is the issue of him having had the virus himself, Brexit still to be finalised, plus there is a young baby to add to the mix.

I think he’s fully entitled to look a bit care-worn at times !

Who would swap places with him?

AGAA4 Thu 05-Nov-20 16:20:39

B9 I think this will be about the furlough carrying on till March too. They obviously think that not much will change with the Covid situation over the winter.

lemongrove Thu 05-Nov-20 16:37:59

BBC1 5pm

lemongrove Thu 05-Nov-20 16:38:39

Jennifer I agree 👍🏻

Luckygirl Thu 05-Nov-20 16:43:06

Do you know, I cannot bring myself to feel remotely sorry for him. His hubris led him to barge his way into the "top job" and now he actually has to take on the responsibilities of that job I feel no sense of pity for him. Let him reap what he sowed.

Honestly I am usually quote a mild person, but feeling sorry for this dreadful man is a step too far.

Luckygirl Thu 05-Nov-20 16:43:50

I would not swop places with him - but he did ask for it!!

It is not a place I would have asked for in the first place!

LauraNorder Thu 05-Nov-20 16:44:25

I’m with JenniferEccles. He has my sympathy.
Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

B9exchange Thu 05-Nov-20 16:47:25

It's with Simon Stevens, so going to frighten us with stories of NHS becoming swamped again?

seamstress Thu 05-Nov-20 16:53:42

As we already know what he is going to say why bother to watch - can't bear all the turgid charts.

Ellianne Thu 05-Nov-20 17:52:01


It's with Simon Stevens, so going to frighten us with stories of NHS becoming swamped again?

I actually l thought Simon Stevens was very good and said it as it is. He stressed the important number, those being admitted to hospital.

LauraNorder Thu 05-Nov-20 17:54:45

I like what Sir Simon Stevens said at the beginning about asking the nurses, paramedics and doctors what they wanted him to put across.
I liked that he stressed it was REAL. it is so very real and that message needs to be hammered home

grumppa Thu 05-Nov-20 17:55:31

I thought Simon Stevens was excellent. He produced a simple, understandable clear graph and made clear what he thought about the amateurish garbage put on our screens on Saturday.

BlueBelle Thu 05-Nov-20 17:55:38

Don’t feel one iota of sympathy for him
Be careful what you wish for
I can’t bear to watch all this, every radio station, newspaper, tv
I ve done day 1, is that it, can we come out now

Calendargirl Thu 05-Nov-20 17:57:18

I do wish Boris wouldn’t keep bringing up Christmas, and more or less saying it will be ok to have a ‘normal’ one.

It won’t be.

He should be upfront, admit it will very much depend on how the virus progresses, and December 2nd will not be the end of it all.

Smileless2012 Thu 05-Nov-20 17:57:26

I did wonder with furlough being extended to March if it's on the cards that the lock down will go on until March too.

Calendargirl Thu 05-Nov-20 17:58:33


I did wonder with furlough being extended to March if it's on the cards that the lock down will go on until March too.


Smileless2012 Thu 05-Nov-20 18:01:32

What a depressing thought Calendargirl we have friends in business, husband and wife with a hair salon and a restaurant; it's a very worrying time for them and so many others.

Gwyneth Thu 05-Nov-20 18:02:38

I haven’t heard Starmer offer any solutions though. All he appears to have done is criticise which is very easy to do when you’re in opposition. The government have made mistakes but I do feel for the Prime Minister. He’s damned if he does or damned if he doesn’t. How do we know the opposition would have done any better?