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SIS2 international criminal/terrorist info sharing fiasco

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biba70 Thu 12-Nov-20 09:50:11

Many Brexiters are delighted that Free Movement has come to an end. I find this so sad, as it also stops Free Movement of themselves, their children and grandchildren. But ...OK.

How many however are aware that leaving the EU also means leaving the access to SIS2 EU database with info on 10s of 1000s of criminals or potential terrorists???

And that there is NO system whatsoever in place to replace this, NONE.

From Yvette Cooper:

I asked the Minister for Future Borders & Immigration what border security checks will be from 1 January 2021.
Incredibly, he didn’t know.
It’s in 8 weeks time. (6 currently).
Currently everyone entering the UK is checked against the European SIS2 criminal database which holds millions of details on wanted criminals, missing persons, stolen vehicles etc from all over Europe. Border Force check it when they swipe our passports. It’s really important for keeping us safe as Border Force & the Police together check it 600 million times a year to help catch dangerous criminals or stop them at the border.
The Government has said we may not be able to use the SIS2 database from 1 January so at our Parliamentary Committee meeting, I asked what their alternative plan was to maintain border checks?
Worryingly, neither the Minister nor the officials seemed to have any idea.
The Minister says he will stop foreign criminals but how will he know who they are?
We’re only 8 weeks away from January. The Government needs to urgently tell us what is going on.

biba70 Thu 12-Nov-20 10:40:11

Oh I know- shall we just wait and see ...and trust them ...

not long to wait for sure sad SIX WEEKS sad