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Panic buttons were inexplicably torn out ahead of Capitol riots, says Ayanna Pressley chief of staff

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GagaJo Thu 14-Jan-21 14:13:43

Does this point to inside involvement of last weeks riots at the Capital?

Panic buttons installed in Ayanna Pressley’s congressional office were torn out before rioters stormed the Capitol last week, her staff have said.

Sarah Groh, who serves as Ms Pressley’s chief of staff, was with the congresswoman when president Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the US Capitol building last Wednesday.

She told the Boston Globe that she had reached for the panic buttons installed in Ms Pressley’s office as they tried to barricade themselves in.

But, when they went to press panic buttons, Ms Pressley’s staff saw that they weren’t there, and appeared to have been ripped out.

“Every panic button in my office had been torn out - the whole unit,” Ms Groh told the paper.

She added that she could not believe why the panic buttons were removed, and that Ms Pressley’s staff had used the panic buttons in the past, including during drills.

Nor had Ms Pressley and her staff moved offices, said Ms Groh.

She went on to say that the panic buttons were installed because Ms Pressley, a member of the progressive group of House Democrats dubbed the “Squad”, had been on the receiving end of racist attacks by the US president and his supporters.

Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, asked Capitol Police to heighten the security surrounding Ms Pressley and other Democratic congresswoman in 2019, after the president wrote a series of racist tweets attacking members of the “Squad”.

Lisagran Thu 14-Jan-21 14:18:25

When I got my welcome pack from GN, I thought I’d read it through carefully, but I must have missed the section that said youmust start a new thread every day, or ideally, twice a day

Norah Thu 14-Jan-21 14:21:29


Oopsadaisy1 Thu 14-Jan-21 14:23:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GagaJo Thu 14-Jan-21 14:24:31

Bidens people rioting?

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 14-Jan-21 14:30:34

That’s what they were shouting to the Interviewer, trying to blame it all on ‘our most popular President ever..........’ and that it was really Bidens people.

I was just wondering why this info has only come out a week after the invasion of the Capitol Building? Are they trying to pass the blame across to the Democrats?

Apparently many TV stations loyal to Trump haven’t even mentioned the Impeachment proceedings yet ( says CNN this morning)

MawBe Thu 14-Jan-21 14:35:42

I know this is a serious thread, but sometimes a smile is just so necessary when everything else looks bleak

Norah Thu 14-Jan-21 14:38:09

Ms Pressley is a democrat.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 14-Jan-21 15:00:36

norah I need to check that then the piece I saw said that she was a republican.

If she was a democrat then ignore all of my posts on this thread!

Norah Thu 14-Jan-21 15:04:49

"A member of the Democratic Party, Pressley defeated the ten-term incumbent Mike Capuano in the primary election and ran unopposed in the general election. She had previously been elected as an at-large member of the Boston City Council in 2010. Pressley was the first black woman elected to the Boston City Council and the first black woman elected to Congress from Massachusetts."

GagaJo Thu 14-Jan-21 15:05:14

Surely there is too much CCTV in the Capital for this to be a total mystery?

lemongrove Thu 14-Jan-21 17:04:46

Lisa ?
Mawbe that gave me a laugh, and also reminded me of my fave bar of toffee when a child.?

lemongrove Thu 14-Jan-21 17:08:44

Perhaps the office was attacked/ trashed before staff went in there to press buttons.
Perhaps it’s a lie, and the panic buttons were intact.
Perhaps somebody sympathetic to Trump and who dislikes
Ms Pressley chose to do it.
Perhaps somebody in the office chose to do it to make it seem
As if there was a conspiracy.
Take your pick.

Elegran Thu 14-Jan-21 17:17:20

It sounds as though there were several people barricading themselved in Ms Pressley's office when the informant says the panic buttons were seen to have been ripped out, so corroboration can be sought from the rest of them.

I wonder whether panic buttons have a fail-safe mode that causes an alarm to ring somewhere if the connection suddenly fails? If they don't, that would be a useful mofification.

AmberSpyglass Thu 14-Jan-21 17:49:41

I absolutely believe it - remember that just because these idiots supported Trump it doesn’t mean they support the government especially when they think politicians are trying to overthrow the election.

AmberSpyglass Thu 14-Jan-21 17:50:01

The scary part is that it implies that they have people on the inside.

Sparklefizz Thu 14-Jan-21 19:30:19


The scary part is that it implies that they have people on the inside.

That was mentioned a couple of days ago. Police officers were seen being photographed in selfies with rioters.

Urmstongran Thu 14-Jan-21 19:36:27

Weren’t the police just having selfies with decent citizens who had come to peacefully protest? There were good, ordinary people there. Not nutters or rioters. A lot of smiling people, joshing with the police.

Then it turned nasty.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 14-Jan-21 19:41:31

Urms we are watching *Storming the Capitol*which was on recently and we recorded it, they were not smiley people who were joshing, this is the ‘unseen’ footage of very angry people who then listened to Trumps speech, just watching a man holding a noose...... and some more dressed as soldiers with full armour and machine guns.
I could go on.

Urmstongran Thu 14-Jan-21 20:13:16

Fair enough Oops I don’t doubt you for one moment. I saw footage on the news where at the beginning, people were literally strolling in, taking selfies and joshing. Police were moving barriers to accommodate them. Then it turned nasty. Both accounts are valid. It started nice but ended scary.

HurdyGurdy Thu 14-Jan-21 20:17:03


Lisa ?
Mawbe that gave me a laugh, and also reminded me of my fave bar of toffee when a child.?

Highland Cattle (which I absolutely love) will forever be "toffee bulls" to me, all because of McCowan's toffee.

Can you still get it?

Blossoming Thu 14-Jan-21 20:36:17

Mawbe grin

Elegran Thu 14-Jan-21 20:47:33

I' ve just seen that at 17:17:20 I suggested a useful mofification for alarm buttons. Would that scare off any cloves moffs that tried to eat the buttons? Or would they only work wivvin the sound of Bow Bells?

(Sorry to be flippant, but it is no worse than toffee bulls, and laughter is a good antidote in serious times)