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Granny23 Tue 26-Jan-21 23:02:13

Is it only me, or is anyone else sick of being shown people having needles stuck into their arms? I generally watch the UK and then Scottish news while eating my evening meal. Tonight I counted six closeups of the procedure, illustrating 6 different news items. Apart from putting me off my Tea, I am fed up with the lack of imagination shown in choosing images to accompany the news reports.

granfromafar Tue 26-Jan-21 23:08:47

I have to agree with you, but I suppose it's the only positive news that they have at the moment. We tend to watch the later news at 10, so no chance of it putting us off our meal! You could try just listening to the news on the radio instead of watching it!

Judy54 Wed 27-Jan-21 16:40:17

No it does not put me off. It helps to emphasize the importance of the vaccine. I also feel that seeing people in hospital with Covid telling us what it is really like to suffer from this devastating illness first hand should open peoples eyes to the fact that none of us are immune. Those of us who have not yet had Covid are very lucky indeed.

Callistemon Wed 27-Jan-21 16:47:06

I don't like looking if I have a jab or blood taken so I definitely don't like looking at others.
When I had to do injections on myself I would position the needle then shut my eyes before I jabbed.

But the more who are ' jabbed' the better.

petra Wed 27-Jan-21 16:47:17

Maybe catch up with the news after your evening meal.
It's not as if it's on once a day, is it ?

Lucca Wed 27-Jan-21 17:22:14

The more they show people,being vaccinated and emphasise how necessary it is, the better.
You could eat at a different time ? Watch the news at a different time ? Or just be happy we have a vaccine?

NfkDumpling Wed 27-Jan-21 17:33:09

I can't stand seeing needles piecing into the skin. I always look the other way. We've stopped watching BBC news at six now as they seem to be purposely trying to put people like me off having the jab. So many of the younger generation seem to be saying they're not having it as they don't like injections. This doesn't help.

Perhaps not enough people have complained. I have.

CraftyGranny Wed 27-Jan-21 17:40:36

When I had to do injections on myself I would position the needle then shut my eyes before I jabbed.

smile If you can't see it, you won't feel it! I used to do the same

Kandinsky Wed 27-Jan-21 17:43:24

It’s not just you no - I’ve actually stopped watching the news for this very reason, plus it’s just too depressing.

rosie1959 Wed 27-Jan-21 17:50:37

Not bothered at all with a daughter that has been diabetic since she was 8 needles are just part of life.

sodapop Wed 27-Jan-21 19:34:56

Rather that than the absorbency value of sanitary pads or Tena lady.

Jaxjacky Wed 27-Jan-21 20:00:41

They don’t bother me, but understand it might others, I watch a bit of BBC breakfast, catch-up later online.

Callistemon Wed 27-Jan-21 20:03:18


Rather that than the absorbency value of sanitary pads or Tena lady.


lemongrove Wed 27-Jan-21 21:59:47

Doesn’t bother me, and it’s important to show people having it done.
Don’t eat whilst watching tv? I never do, because you have no idea what’s going to come onto the screen.

Framilode Wed 27-Jan-21 22:08:56

I feel just the same. Of course I understand the importance of the vaccine but have to put my head down every time they show it on the t.v.

Atqui Wed 27-Jan-21 22:37:23

I mentioned this on another thread. I couldn’t agree more

BrightandBreezy Wed 27-Jan-21 22:50:06

I don't really mind. No-one looks the least uncomfortable when they are injected. I think this might reassure some who are a bit nervous of having injections.

Callistemon Wed 27-Jan-21 23:42:33

I don't mind a bit having it done but just don't want to look.

MiniMoon Wed 27-Jan-21 23:56:32

I've given plenty of them, but I don't see the need for the close ups.
DH pulled a face when I criticised some of the techniques.

Rufus2 Thu 28-Jan-21 02:10:17

It's when they say "bend over please" that I look away!

At least the recipient is spared from having to look!

Kim19 Thu 28-Jan-21 02:37:54

Nope, don't mind it one bit. The more the merrier in fact. I just had mine yesterday. Terrific morale booster. First time I can remember not having the resulting tell tale pink disc or fragile area. Must have had a real expert on my case. Hallelujah! Even given a chit with the date and time of my booster jab. Seems efficiency plus to me.

Franbern Thu 28-Jan-21 10:05:00

I turn off the tv every time they go to a hospital covid ward, etc. It is hard enough with lockdown, we have the figures of the numbers dying - I really do not need to be depressed any more. I am sure they think it is great propaganda showing all these scenes from hospital beds, and from the relatives of those who have died, but do wonder how many - like me - just turn it off.

Next there will be tremendous alarm at the seriously rising mental health figures - how many are being caused by these news items.

Again, with the vaccinations - I am only really interested to know the numbers of our population who have received both doses of the vaccination (not being mentioned at all),- do not need to see these taking place - just numbers please.

MaizieD Thu 28-Jan-21 10:57:26

I am sure they think it is great propaganda showing all these scenes from hospital beds, and from the relatives of those who have died,

I don't quite understand why you are calling this 'propaganda'? There are people out there who deny that covid exists, who swear that hospitals are just working normally, or are even less busy than normal. I thought this was an attempt to shake their beliefs.

A week or so ago there were complaints on social media that the public wasn't being shown the truth of what was going on in hospitals because the press weren't being allowed in. Medical staff were feeling that this was giving an opening for the denialists.

Which is better, publicising what is happening in hospitals in the hopes that it might change some minds, or keeping it all hush hush because it bores people?

Judy54 Thu 28-Jan-21 14:05:36

It's real life. I am grateful to be able to make and eat my tea instead of being in hospital on a ventilator and unable to do anything for myself. If it bothers people so much there is always the off switch and a choice to eat at a different time.