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varian Mon 01-Feb-21 18:34:54

MP Joanna Cherry dropped in SNP frontbench reshuffle

What is going on in the SNP???

Galaxy Mon 01-Feb-21 18:37:01

They have been after her for ages. I have no idea really, I read that she was seen as a threat to NS.

paddyanne Mon 01-Feb-21 18:41:01

Front benches get reshuffled...I dont know that "they" were after her or anyone else.Its just politics.Dont make it something its not .Now next time there a stramash in the Tories..,though its usually their leaders they ditch,can I expect a thread about it?

varian Mon 01-Feb-21 19:16:24

JOANNA Cherry, the high-profile SNP MP and QC, has been "sacked" from the party's front bench as part of a Westminster reshuffle.

Ms Cherry, who represents Edinburgh South West, was removed as the party's shadow justice and home affairs spokeswoman.

She broke the news on Twitter, writing: "Despite hard work, results & a strong reputation I’ve been sacked today from the SNP front bench.

"My constituents & fellow party members who gave me a resounding mandate in recent NEC the SNP's national executive committee] elections should rest assured that I will continue to work hard for them.

"Westminster is increasingly irrelevant to Scotland's constitutional future and the SNP would do well to radically re-think our strategy."

The move sparked an outcry from her allies, who labelled it "inexplicable and harmful to our cause".

Blossoming Mon 01-Feb-21 19:22:27

She was critical of NS’s proposed GRA reforms and removal of sex-based rights and protections.

Ilovecheese Mon 01-Feb-21 20:02:01

She has already had to report a threat from a man to the police. She supports women's rights to their own safe spaces. This has infuriated some men, these same people are now suggesting that Rosie Duffield should have the whip removed for similar "offences".

MaizieD Mon 01-Feb-21 20:03:33


She was critical of NS’s proposed GRA reforms and removal of sex-based rights and protections.

That's what I understood, too.

There's been talk of it on twitter over recent weeks.

This GRA 'reform' is very worrying when women are persecuted for insisting that we are 'women', not people who have cervixes', or, 'people who give birth'...

Galaxy Mon 01-Feb-21 20:04:10

Yes she has received lots of abuse, misogynist thugs.

MaizieD Mon 01-Feb-21 20:06:28

This has infuriated some men,

Perhaps we should be calling the infuriated ones , 'people with penises', or 'people with male bodies'...

GillT57 Mon 01-Feb-21 20:25:56

No need to be so touchy Paddyanne this is a discussion forum after all, and all shuffles at Westminster are fair game as a topic. We can all speculate as to the reasons behind every tactic, despite not being party to the decision. There was much discussion I remember when Teresa May appointed Johnson as her foreign secretary after he had been plotting against her quite openly.

SueDonim Mon 01-Feb-21 20:37:09

Joanna Cherry is an Alex Salmond ally, isn’t she? Interesting times.

AmberSpyglass Mon 01-Feb-21 21:05:57

And not before time. What a toxic individual. She’s part of the reason young people are leaving the SNP in droves. There’s no place in Scotland for transphobia, and certainly not for the lie that trans rights are harmful to women. And buddying up with anti-semites... I think we can do better.

Ilovecheese Tue 02-Feb-21 12:10:07

I don't believe that the men that make threats against women like Joanna Cherry, JK Rowling etc. are actually wanting to support people who want to live as the opposite sex, I think they just use that as an excuse to indulge their dislike of women in general, particularly strong independent women who they perceive to be some sort of threat.
Posting pictures of a baseball bat studded with nails is hardly the action of a particularly empathetic person.

Blossoming Tue 02-Feb-21 19:44:04

Quite so Ilovecheese.

Eloethan Tue 02-Feb-21 23:43:54

News programmes refer to her support for Alex Salmond, which seems to be hinting at this being the reason for her forced departure.

varian Wed 03-Feb-21 10:33:47

Remember the story of a new MP referring to the other side as "our enemies" to be told "they are our opponents- our enemies are on this side"

Gramm Fri 12-Feb-21 20:08:22

Government has received a lot of emails in support of gender neutral toilets. They now need more emails from women (and men!) saying they don't like gender neutral to offset this.

You can simply email [email protected] saying you are emailing in response to their consultation on toilet provision. Tell them you don't like the move to gender neutral and you want single-sex toilets. You can give reasons if you like but you don't have to. Its sending the email that counts to register your dislike of GN. This is simply a numbers game at this stage.

We are not advertising this action publicly on social media because that will only provoke the TRA to send more pro-gender neutral emails. This should remain a secret action only. We have until 26th February but best to just get an email sent now and get it done. Nothing gets published. Your names will not be made public

AMK42 Sun 14-Feb-21 14:22:02

GillT57 We know exactly why Joanna Cherry was sacked and it’s ALL to do with her defence of Women’s sex-based Rights. The SNP have made no secret of their wish to destroy these in favour of self-id and have already moved to remove others in their Party who disagree. And in case you’re not aware, Stonewall Stonewall defines ‘trans’ in their glossary:

“An umbrella term to describe people whose gender is not the same as, or does not sit comfortably with, the sex they were assigned at birth.“Trans people may describe themselves using one or more of a wide variety of terms, including (but not limited to) transgender, transsexual, gender-queer (GQ), gender-fluid, non-binary, gender-variant, crossdresser, genderless, agender, nongender, third gender, bi-gender, trans man, trans woman, trans masculine, trans feminine and neutrois.”

Apart from this list, Stonewall also denies material reality. Sex is not “assigned at birth”, it is observed at birth. Indeed it can be observed in-utero from ~15 weeks. Also sex is binary and cannot be changed - ever, regardless of what someone, or more likely doesn’t, do with their body.

Self-id effectively destroys women’s right to single-sex facilities that ensure 5eir safety, privacy dignity, medical treatment,, representation, sports, awards, scholarships... It is in fact the erasure of women as a sex class.

grannygranby Sun 21-Feb-21 10:58:55

I totally agree AMK42
I have had to search into gransnet to find this important issue being discussed, something thing that Stonewall will not abide. Because it is nonsense and they are changing the law and frightening people. Self ID gender is wrong it is males taking over. How dare they say that the term woman has to be qualified by them or it is a hate crime. We have to stand up for our Rights so hard won. Sex is real it is genetic, it has hormonal effects and physical effects which is why we have women’s sport and why we need women’s safe spaces away from the threat of males who could rape them possibly even impregnating them. These are massive realities they are not feelings.
It is totally ludicrous that the census will not be accurately recording sex for the first time. For fear of upsetting some men who imagine for many reasons that they are women. They are men. Let’s discuss this very important topic and stop laws being changed, women being cancelled and language changed. This will effect our granddaughters ... and I have three I wish to protect as well as all women.