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Queen’s Puppy Dies.

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Calendargirl Wed 19-May-21 10:45:44

Have just seen that one of the Queen’s new corgi puppies, Fergus, has reportedly died at the weekend.

The Queen is said to be ‘devastated’.

CafeAuLait Wed 19-May-21 10:59:44

I'm sure she is. It's hard enough to lose a pet at any time. I've found that since losing someone close (as she has in her husband recently), pet death is even harder to deal with.

Aveline Wed 19-May-21 11:00:39

Aww. What a shame. I'm sure she must be devastated just as any of us would be. What a sad thing to happen.

Deedaa Wed 19-May-21 11:10:42

This is so sad. She's devastated and the other puppy must feel lost on it's own.

jaylucy Wed 19-May-21 11:15:38

I wonder if they were like "his and hers" puppies or maybe Prince Philip named that particular puppy .
I can understand why she is so upset.

JaneJudge Wed 19-May-21 11:18:16

Oh how sad sad

EllanVannin Wed 19-May-21 11:19:08

Oh dear me. Life is just so unfair and unkind at times and I'm sure we can all sympathise with this sadness. So sad.

Smileless2012 Thu 20-May-21 10:03:57

It's so sad isn't it, only 5 months old and died of heart failuresad.

MawBe Thu 20-May-21 10:40:16


I'm sure she is. It's hard enough to lose a pet at any time. I've found that since losing someone close (as she has in her husband recently), pet death is even harder to deal with.

Could not agree more [ sad]

sodapop Thu 20-May-21 12:41:42

It's very hard to lose a pet especially at such a time. I sympathise with the Queen.
I think the puppy had a congenital problem but still hard to bear another loss.

Ellianne Thu 20-May-21 12:49:03

So, so sad. Poor lady, and poor little puppy who has lost its mate.

Off to give my dogs a hug.

Blossoming Thu 20-May-21 13:44:15

Very sad to lose a beloved pet. The Times has said the 2 puppies were a gift from Prince Andrew to cheer her up when her husband was in hospital.

WishIwasyounger Thu 20-May-21 15:43:10

I feel so sad for the Queen as loosing a pet is devastaing. And so soon after loosing Philip as well.

Kali2 Sat 22-May-21 08:58:59

Glad she still has the one to bond with. We have had to pts our nearly 16 year old dog on Monday- and it is so hard. He was such a comfort during all this Covid isolation from our family, and GC were so sad they could not see her again.

MawBe Sat 22-May-21 09:06:03

My sympathies Kali2 it is a brave decision to make, but so very very hard.
Giving a dog the best life it can have, should help to ease the grief and pain, but somehow the head and the heart don’t see things the same way ?

Kali2 Sat 22-May-21 09:08:58

Thanks- with all our pets, all rescues, we have always tried to work out just when the right time is. He had been diagnosed with kidney problems about 5 weeks ago- and went downhill very quickly.

Grandma70s Sat 22-May-21 09:14:33

I think it’s a dorgie rather than a corgi. I imagine that’s a cross between a dachshund and a corgi.

Alexa Sat 22-May-21 09:44:10

She will not be devastated, she will be sad.

B9exchange Sat 22-May-21 10:46:58

Devastated can also be defined as 'very shocked and upset' which I think would be absolutely how she is feeling. I hope the other puppy is healthy, and that they weren't from the same litter.

Kali2 Sat 22-May-21 10:56:21


She will not be devastated, she will be sad.

Says who? How do you know?

Anniebach Sat 22-May-21 10:57:32

If one of my dogs died I would be devastated, they are my only
companions , three years ago I woke one morning and one of my dogs lying near me had died in the night, I was devastated then.

Buffybee Sat 22-May-21 11:01:07

So sad for the Queen to lose one of her pups so soon, I'm sure that like all dog lovers she will be very upset and my heart goes out to her and anyone who has recently lost their pet.

Alexa Sat 22-May-21 11:08:18

The Queen from what we hear is realistic enough to not be devastated about the death of her dog. Naturally she will be sad as we are often told how she loves her dogs.

Anniebach Sat 22-May-21 11:21:18

Being realistic has nothing to do with the grief of losing a much loved dog.

Casdon Sat 22-May-21 11:24:49

Alexa are you a dog owner, your responses do sound like you aren’t? For many people a dog is an integral part of the family, and you are devastated when they die.