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Is it wise to go ahead with the Olympics?

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MawBe Tue 25-May-21 06:31:57

Despite the massive disappointment to athletes all over the world, is it really sensible to go ahead with the Olympics, postponed from last year?
Hospitals in Osaka, Japan’s second largest city, are buckling under a wave of new infections, running out of beds and ventilators as doctors warn of a “system collapse” and advise against holding the Olympics this summer.
The region, home to nine million, is suffering the brunt of the fourth wave, seeing 3,849 new positive tests in the seven days leading to last Thursday.
I believe Japan also has one of the lowest % vaccination rates so how can the Games be worth the risk?

M0nica Tue 25-May-21 06:35:41


Lin52 Tue 25-May-21 06:38:28

No I don’t think they should go ahead. This will cost Japan dearly, in rising numbers of infections, hospitalisation, deaths, monetary and as they are struggling already, the Olympic Committee need to get their heads out of their posteriors

Gannygangan Tue 25-May-21 06:39:39

No, they need to be cancelled.

Terrible shame for the sports men and women who have been preparing for years but the way things are now, it would be madness to go ahead,

Esspee Tue 25-May-21 06:53:20

The Olympic Committee needs to stop insisting that Japan fulfil their obligation to host the games.
Japan needs to assert themselves and refuse to allow it.
Every team needs to publicly withdraw.
We are in a pandemic, time for sense rather than money to prevail.

Alima Tue 25-May-21 06:55:38

No. Terrible for the athletes but far too risky.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 25-May-21 07:12:24

I do not know enough about the measures in place for the athletes in the Olympic Village.
I do know that all U.K. competitors will have had both doses of vaccine before leaving for Japan.
I expect the IOC and Japan are watching the situation closely and will decide in the next couple of weeks.

Bigred18 Tue 25-May-21 07:17:32

But the jab wont stop anyone from getting Covid - only make symptoms less severe. So cancel the games.

Katie59 Tue 25-May-21 07:37:25

One problem is that Japan has only just started vaccinating the population, there are large demonstrations and a lot of pressure to cancel. It’s not just the IOC the government don’t want to cancel because many millions have been spent, public pressure to cancel may well win in the end.

kittylester Tue 25-May-21 07:37:46

I think I read last week that only 4% of Japanese people are vaccinated.

Seems silly to continue as part of the ethos of the Olympic Games is bringing people together - which won't happens. And Japan will not reap much commercial benefit.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 25-May-21 07:50:13


I think I read last week that only 4% of Japanese people are vaccinated.

Seems silly to continue as part of the ethos of the Olympic Games is bringing people together - which won't happens. And Japan will not reap much commercial benefit.

I agree regarding revenue, I guess any monetary gain will only be from TV Companies.

I cannot see that there will be many if any spectators in the venues due to travel restrictions.

yggdrasil Tue 25-May-21 08:12:30

No of course it isn't. There were no Games held during war years, so this pandemic should have cancelled the 2020 Games. 2024 is better.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 25-May-21 08:15:39

The Euro Football competition is going ahead starting 12th June with games spread across Europe, matches will be played in London, Glasgow, Dublin, Copenhagen, Baku and other Cities in Europe

Spectators are allowed (not all at full capacity)

Baggs Tue 25-May-21 08:18:07

Been reading this thread and have realised I don't actually care if the Games go ahead or not. I'll feel sorry for all the athletes if they don't though.

Mixed up? Me? nah.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 25-May-21 08:21:29

Sorry a correction Euros start on 11th June.

BlueBelle Tue 25-May-21 08:36:14

No it shouldn’t and I don’t think people should be rushing on holiday to Spain etc either
Wait a year

Sarnia Tue 25-May-21 09:04:43

I don't think the Olympics should go ahead. It must be frustrating for athletes but with a depleted number of competitors rumoured to be taking part, would a medal mean as much? I enjoy watching both the Olympics and Euros but I feel this summer is too soon. Holidays abroad are a step too far as well. Leave crowded events and foreign holidays till next year.

Shropshirelass Tue 25-May-21 09:06:22

No, it is not worth the risks.

Urmstongran Tue 25-May-21 09:50:55

July 23rd until August 8th. People from all round the world carrying different variants, all mixing and mingling for a fortnight and then returning home with their memories, medals and goodness knows what else.

I think it ought to be cancelled but so far costs are way over 10 billion. Sponsors have poured money in. Money talks, so the Games will probably go ahead.

Urmstongran Tue 25-May-21 09:55:06

Your comment made me laugh Baggs! 😂😂

Franbern Tue 25-May-21 10:06:24

Do not think we can compare with cancelling of Olympic games during second first war to those of today. Back then, ALL participating athletes were amateur (actually rule of the Games), so it may have disappointing to them but that was it.

These days, many (if not most) of the athletes are professional. ie, their sport is their work and their livelihood. In order to be selected for Olympics, many would have been preparing for the 2020/1 Games for 10 - 15 years. In several sports this may well be their one and only chance of selection at this level.

Many countries base their athlete grant system totally on results at Olympic Games. No Olympics will mean that many athletes will have no job, no livelihood, and a feeling that their lives have been a waste of time. We already have ample knowledge that there are severe mental health problems with retiring elite sportspeople - even amongst those who have achieved extremely highly. Cancelling these games will exacerbate this in many countries.

Most countries send their teams to separate pre-games training camps for anything up to a month prior to the games, so these will have been isolated in these places. Testing will, obviously, be in place, and then they will be moved to the Olympic Village. Will probably not be allowed out of there for the duration.

Yes, I think the Games should go ahead. Yes, I agree that foreign supporters and visitors and even local ones should not be permitted as spectators.

Japan will lose a lot of money with no spectators, as a great deal is made with the ticket sales, and everything else. So, it will just be the money from the tv companies.

Cannot see how a closed games is going to mean any of those athletes can bring anything back to their own countries, or -indeed - cause any further damage amongst the Japanese population.

I find it incredible that Japan did not go all out on a vaccination programme in order to help safeguard their citizens, particuarly in light of the fact that they knew these Games were due to be held.

Several test events are already being held in Tokyo to practice these closed games.

It wil happen, we will be able to ejoy it on our televisions, athletes will still be able to put themselves up against each other. It will an Olympics like no other.

EllanVannin Tue 25-May-21 10:08:43

Definitely Not !

henetha Tue 25-May-21 10:11:25

What a difficult decision, I'm glad I don't have to make it.
No, I don't think the games should go ahead. There is too much risk of spreading the virus no matter what precautions are taken. I feel very sorry for the athletes though.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 25-May-21 10:16:39

Wimbledon is going ahead, mid June they are confirming the amount of tickets (if any) available for purchase.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 25-May-21 10:21:48

Making decisions regarding worldwide sporting events is way above my pay grade.

I hope that the powers that be have learnt lessons over the last 14 months and if these events go ahead they operate under strict Covid secure guidelines with no breaches.