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Johnson not guilty of breaking Parliament Code - apparently

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Kali2 Fri 28-May-21 20:17:42

Another gem fron t'internet today (Jason Hunter)

^Boris Johnson appointed a guy to investigate Boris Johnson who reports directly to Boris Johnson.
Investigation into Boris Johnson found that Boris Johnson didn't know who was going to pay (definitely NOT Boris Johnson) for the redecoration of the flat that Boris Johnson was living in so Boris Johnson didn't break any Parliamentary rules. So says the man appointed by Boris Johnson.^

fancy that!

Nandalot Fri 28-May-21 20:52:01

Neatly put, Kali2.

Ellan Fri 28-May-21 21:26:59

So once again, they're 'marking their own homework '
I'd like to say that I'm surprised. ...

MaizieD Sat 29-May-21 00:06:14

Yet Johnson swore blind in Parliament that he had personally paid for the redecoration.

Who cares, though?

Read Marina Hyde's latest column and weep

A midweek poll saw the Conservatives climb six points, to 44%, which feels about perfect for a country where at that moment Cummings was claiming industrial levels of lying, incompetence and contempt for elderly and vulnerable people, and spiking it all with such details as Boris Johnson wanting Chris Whitty to inject him with the virus live on TV. Remember, even Donald Trump at his maddest only wanted other people to inject the disinfectant.

Lovetopaint037 Sat 29-May-21 08:25:20

The saddest part of this is that there seems to be a general acceptance of everything that is lacking in competence, integrity and honesty. There was a member of the public asked about their opinion on the news the other night. The answer was they didn’t care about honesty as he wanted “someone who gets things done”. Well the person who got things done was Kate Bingham and the vaccine task force she appointed. Johnson is reported to avoid difficult decisions until forced into an acceptance that something has to be done. It’s personality over substance and now Johnson is bathed in a cloak of protection provided by the Kate Bingham’s dedication to the vaccine programme. Yes it’s sad.