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Purpose of the G7 Summit 2021

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Alegrias1 Fri 11-Jun-21 13:10:50

I thought I'd start a thread that was about the actual business of the Summit, i.e. why its happening and what the purpose is. To be honest, I'm not so clear myself but a quick Google search suggests they'll be talking about the environment, future pandemic responses, vaccines and cryptocurrencies.

Shoes, toddlers and local sausages can be talked about on other threads 😉

Daisend1 Fri 11-Jun-21 18:11:29

As a 'local 'I can assure you the runway at NQY had already been in use for 'long hauls' prior to arrival of AF1.
An increase in security was obvious.

MayBee70 Fri 11-Jun-21 18:25:27

Wonder how many people realise how much EU funding the Eden Project has had. It irritated me that Johnson has just used his address to the other G7 members to slip in a few government Build Back Better. There was another sound bite slipped in as well, levelling up I think it was.

Lin52 Fri 11-Jun-21 18:30:40


Jill Biden and the Duchess of Cambridge have just held a press conference about educating women in the developing world.

Bit awkward as the U.K. is the only country cutting aid towards this project.

We are still donating though, not as though we have stopped altogether. You can always donate extra from your pocket if you wish, many people do, including myself. There are different types of aid and we always step up to the mark. Much of the humanitarian aid will be spent on countries at most risk of famine, we donated about 1.3 billion dollars last year, and the Government are prioritising the most vulnerable countries for aid. Bye.

Kali2 Fri 11-Jun-21 20:01:20

'levelling up' comment was so hypocritical and disingenuous, in the extreme. Tories have constantly cut services which would have helped in that direction.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 12-Jun-21 08:16:56

I was watching CNN when they broadcast Johnson’s “welcome speech” to the G7.

The comment by CNN.

“Well, that was toe curlingly embarrassing”

Whitewavemark2 Sat 12-Jun-21 10:00:22

“In the NY Times our Prime Minister is said to be 'venal', slapdash and incompetent.

"A venal person is willing to behave in a way that is not honest or moral in exchange for money" (Cambridge dictionary)”

Whitewavemark2 Sat 12-Jun-21 10:06:54

Just as an aside.

Grev Williams
As a Cornishman it's lovely to see Johnson showing the world leaders around the massively EU funded Eden Project. I wonder if George Eustice will be joining them from his family's massively EU funded farm before they all fly home via the massively EU funded Newquay Airport?

MayBee70 Sat 12-Jun-21 12:30:48

Wasn’t the Eden Project meant to be a way of creating jobs in the SW due to the decline of fishing there? It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go to.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 12-Jun-21 12:38:06


Wasn’t the Eden Project meant to be a way of creating jobs in the SW due to the decline of fishing there? It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go to.

It really is worth a visit.

We used to take the GC if the weather was a bit dodgy as they always had stuff for them to do. One year Eden provided all sorts of material to make a camp, and they spent hours building bigger and better ones. Another year there was loads of stuff to make water ways etc. That kept their attention for hours.

I followed Eden from the time it was started, on my home visits, but haven’t been there for a few years now as we usually take the dog when we go back home.

Dinahmo Sat 12-Jun-21 12:41:09


Ah, Macron Kali .....he can always be relied on to try and rubbish anything about the UK.😄
He’s not having a good time in France lately so a bit of indignation and finger pointing may distract the public there from wanting to slap him.

A bit like Johnson et al trying to deflect the various accusations by telling us regularly about the success of the vaccine.

Ellianne Sat 12-Jun-21 14:08:55


Wasn’t the Eden Project meant to be a way of creating jobs in the SW due to the decline of fishing there? It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go to.

Every year it was on our school trips list. Very educational. Certainly jobs there for botanists, gardeners and habitat educationalists from what I saw. Very popular place.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 12-Jun-21 15:16:48

“In an unprecedented development at a G-7 summit Downing Street has denied the official French account of the meeting between President Macron and PM Johnson. According to the Elysee, Macron told BJ a reset of relations would only be possible if Johnson kept his word with the EU”

Whitewavemark2 Sat 12-Jun-21 15:19:01


“After reporting for decades from international conferences I cannot personally remember a British Prime Minister being regarded with such disdain bordering on contempt. In the 90s Major was dubbed Dr. No for blocking EU decisions, but he was still respected. Not the case with BJ”

Graham Lucas

Whitewavemark2 Sat 12-Jun-21 15:21:01

And this- it is such a relief to know that those critical of Johnson in this country are echoed by others who have to work with Johnson.

“Johnson is getting a lesson in international relations at the G-7 in Cornwall. US and EU leaders are demonstrating a scant regard for Johnson and do not trust him to uphold treaties or international law. There is a lot of pushback against the UK. Global Britain just hit the wall“

NannyC2 Sat 12-Jun-21 16:52:38

The G7 is only men/women planning to steal your money, freedom and property i.e. The New World Order, but don't worry, we'll have nothing but we will be happy!
So keep wearing your masks and smile.

MayBee70 Sat 12-Jun-21 17:27:14

Methinks there’s more than one epidemic/pandemic doing the rounds here confused

Whitewavemark2 Sun 13-Jun-21 14:23:27

This has been the most important G7 summit in a generation , and it is clear that journalists think that Johnson has ensured, single handedly, it to be a complete car crash.

Brexit has overshadowed the whole weekend when it should have been the environment, focus on the cooperation with other democracies, covid and developing nations.

Johnson is having a hard time convincing the journalists.

MayBee70 Sun 13-Jun-21 14:37:59

He’s absolutely squirming at the news conference….

MayBee70 Sun 13-Jun-21 14:39:34

He legged it at the end when asked about reduction in foreign aid…..

Whitewavemark2 Sun 13-Jun-21 14:41:41

He simply side stepped so many questions.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 13-Jun-21 14:45:08

Am American journalist

“Johnson’s is known for a real weakness, where he likes to be friendly with everyone, but ultimately he lets his friends down”

MayBee70 Sun 13-Jun-21 14:50:32

Trump clone….

Whitewavemark2 Sun 13-Jun-21 14:52:11


Trump clone….

One journalist sort of suggested that didn’t he?

Whitewavemark2 Sun 13-Jun-21 14:55:03

Apparently foreign news journalists were really angry as they weren’t allowed into Johnson’s press conference, just a couple. Johnson allowed only one foreign question then buggered off!

Did you notice that Johnson only had the British flag? Whereas everyone else had all the flags.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 13-Jun-21 15:02:33

“Interesting comments by Biden on tax at his press conference. He doesn’t just attack tax abuse by multinationals, he also addresses the culture that thinks it appropriate to avoid tax - making clear it undermines good governance, proper investment and sound labour relations”