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Cake and Liberty talk, Manchester, 31 July 2021

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Baggs Mon 02-Aug-21 12:17:18

Cake and Liberty talk in Manchester on 31 July 2021.

The what, the why, and the who.

greenlady102 Mon 02-Aug-21 12:21:25

stupidity in its highest form

Baggs Tue 03-Aug-21 08:22:28

The fact that one disagrees with someone's viewpoint does not automatically make it stupid. I can fully understand someone not agreeing with Helen Gray's views but I also understand why she is doing and saying what she does. The principles on which she's basing her actions are good principles.

I will probably post more links on this thread to disseminate more information. Nobody is forced to read them and saying something's stupid when the principle isn't is... well...let's leave that there.

MerylStreep Tue 03-Aug-21 09:28:10

Thank you for the link. Helen Gray speaks for me and lots of other thinking people.

Lincslass Tue 03-Aug-21 09:51:36

Free speech, sometimes very endangered on GN. Don’t agree with her stance, but she’s entitled to speak about it.

Chewbacca Tue 03-Aug-21 09:57:44

stupidity in its highest form is trying to shut down a discussion before it's even begun.

Galaxy Tue 03-Aug-21 09:59:37

As is 'thinking people' I am afraid.

maddyone Tue 03-Aug-21 10:23:24

I don’t agree with her. Perhaps she’s been lucky and not contracted Covid. I wasn’t so lucky, as I’ve said on other threads, I was hospitalised in January for twelve days with severe Covid. I was treated with eight different drugs plus oxygen. She’s entitled to her view, and entitled to express it, but equally I’m entitled to say she’s speaking about something that she doesn’t understand properly. Covid has killed 130,000 people in this country alone, and without restrictions, would undoubtedly have killed more. I’m fully aware of the damage lockdown has done to many aspects of our lives, mental health, economic damage and so on, but to stand up and spout her view like this, is merely disregarding the many deaths, and the severe illness that someone like myself suffered. Selfishness in the extreme is seen here, and a complete lack of understanding.