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UN Climate Change report - Code Red

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Alegrias1 Mon 09-Aug-21 12:26:59

The UN and the IPCC have confirmed that not only is Climate Change real, but that it is as a result of human activity.

Some of the implications are irreversible.

What do we think?

MayBee70 Mon 09-Aug-21 12:39:41

I’m really worried but almost have to block it out because it scares me so much and worry about what the future holds for my children and grandchildren. Which isn’t to say that I don’t want to be proactive but, apart from recycling (which I’ve always done) and trying to have a zero food waste policy I don’t really know where to start/what to do.

Septimia Mon 09-Aug-21 12:47:11

It is scarey.

But I can't help thinking that, alongside doing what we can as individuals to reduce emissions etc., there are other things that can be done, even though they won't cure the problem.

Flooding can be reduced (not cured) by not building on flood plains and by good river management. These won't stop the rain, of course.

The threat from wildfires can be reduced by having proper firebreaks and getting rid of dry undergrowth. Such measures can stop the fires spreading so fast.

We're not going to be able to put things right quickly, if at all, but we can try to make them better. It's always easier to dig yourself into a hole than to get out again, so anything we do has to be joined-up (lots of different measures) and long term.

vegansrock Mon 09-Aug-21 12:53:36

It is scary with the wildfires and the 47 degree heatwaves in Canada and elsewhere. The temperature at the top of the mountains is so high, the ice is melting and flooding the valleys. We’ve got to stop pussyfooting around and be prepared to make uncomfortable choices.

tippytipsy Mon 09-Aug-21 12:58:15

The words irreversible and extinction fill me with great sadness. We can never get back what we have destroyed.

I'm not sure the little each household does to help is even that significant in the bigger picture.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 09-Aug-21 13:03:06

We need extraordinary world leadership, for what is the biggest disaster to face the planet.

I’m not at all clear that we have that.

Grammaretto Mon 09-Aug-21 13:06:33

It is very disturbing and we have known about it for a long long time and done very little to change human behaviour.
Apparently a scientist, Svante Arrhenius, was writing about the greenhouse effect back in 1896.....

I agree vegansrock about uncomfortable choices.
I am also cheered by the brilliance of our young people though and the speed with which the covid vaccines were developed was an example of how things can happen quickly if we all pull together.

tippytipsy Mon 09-Aug-21 13:08:58

We also need everyone to play their part.
On the BBC news last night it wasn't the fires raging in Greece that were headline news but the Olympics yet again. And then a lengthy piece on some footballer Lionel Messi.
The important messages need to be got out there first.

GillT57 Mon 09-Aug-21 13:11:48

It is almost too terrifying to think about. Like most I do what I can, recycle, buy locally where possible, etc. But, too many world leaders are in denial, and modern economic society is driven by our need to have the latest, best, newest etc. Manufacturing jobs depend upon us buying new stuff.

Maggiemaybe Mon 09-Aug-21 13:28:54

It's terrifying.

Of course the onus is on governments and businesses to make the big changes. But as individuals we can at least do what is laid down in the report, and if we all do it, the cumulative effect will be considerable:

buy less meat, milk, cheese and butter and more locally sourced seasonal food - and throw less of it away • drive electric cars but walk or cycle short distances • take trains and buses instead of planes • use videoconferencing instead of business travel • use a washing line instead of a tumble dryer • insulate homes • demand low carbon in every consumer product

I'd add to that buying far fewer "consumer products" in the first place, and when it's really necessary, buying secondhand or at least locally or ethically wherever possible. And voting for people who actively want to make the changes needed for us to do all these things - providing decent, affordable public transport for a start - and keeping on at them to do it.

I'm an animal lover, and it won't be popular, but I've also though we need to start thinking more about pet ownership, certainly multiple pet ownership, ever since I read a report showing that the average pet dog in the USA (and presumably here too) has a bigger carbon foot/paw print than a person in the developing world.

SueDonim Mon 09-Aug-21 13:59:25

It’s a daunting task, to say the least. Not climate change itself but our world is something that concerned me since childhood. I had one of those atlases that had maps that showed which countries produced what resources eg coal in Germany and so on. I wondered even then what would happen when coal ran out, even though it probably wouldn’t be in my lifetime.

Now, we know it’s far more serious than simply running out. We either shouldn’t be using such resources at all or should be limiting their use as much as possible. One way or another, the world will run out of things eventually and unless we find a new planet to live on, that’ll be the end of us.

I do the same as many folk in recycling and making ‘green’ choices when possible. Obviously that’s not going to be enough, though. One thing in the UK I’d like to see is the cancellation of HS2. Does anyone really need to go to/from London & Birmingham twenty minutes faster than they can now? I believe that it will cost in excess of £100bn. Imagine how much home insulation, how many green domestic boilers that money would provide? It would also provide jobs at the same time.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 09-Aug-21 14:05:51

This should be one thing that we could unite on irrespective of political persuasion or tribal loyalty.

We should rise above dogma and ideology and unite for the greater good.

Dinahmo Mon 09-Aug-21 14:23:12

The govt should be pro-active in enabling a green agenda. They should be putting money into climate change projects - renewable energy, giving grants for insulating homes and installing solar panels. They should also be getting car manufacturers to reduce the cost of electric, hybrid or hydrogen fueled cars.

HS2 should be cancelled as soon as possible. SueDonim is right - does anyone really need to shave 20 minutes off their journey from Birmingham to London?

Drilling at the Cambo oilfield off Shetland should not be allowed. That industry argues that it is necessary to see us through the period whilst we develop other forms of energy.

We may need to rethink our view of nuclear power stations.

For several years many have recycled as much as possible, often to no avail because the materials are often dumped, or shipped off to third world countries to be sorted.

How do we deal with third world countries wanting the things that we have now? I think we should be helping them financially by passing us in order to get to the stage that we have to reach . They want the consumer goods that we have, some of which we may have to give up.

There are many things that could done if only the govt would provide the funds. Maybe not such a good idea for this govt however since they are very good at funding their friends, as we already know.

Dinahmo Mon 09-Aug-21 14:24:52

Forgot to say that taxes will have to increase but that's a small price to pay in order to ensure that the younger generations are able to live on this earth as we knew it a few years ago and not as it is today.

Grany Mon 09-Aug-21 14:39:53

We all could do something this needs urgent action.

If you do want to live in a clean world, you could start by writing to your MP, to Alok Sharma (as he is hosting the climate summit COP-26 in November) and possibly even to our daft prime minister Boris Johnson.

You could say that you have read the findings of the IPCC report and are horrified, that you don’t believe any businessperson will stop the pollution that is poisoning the planet – and therefore all of us – without sanctions.

And you could put forward the penalties I have proposed, above, as starting-points.

That is something you could do.

Jaxjacky Mon 09-Aug-21 15:23:21

Again unpopular, as a planet we need to have fewer children, the world’s population is growing at just over 1% per year, unsustainable with our resources. This shows live growth.

GillT57 Mon 09-Aug-21 15:25:55

I agree SueDonim HS2 is a complete vanity project and of no benefit at all. I was horrified to read, some months back, about the so called advantages of a proposed nuclear power station, how it was 'clean ' etc.,, but what stuck in my mind was that for the eye watering cost, apart from the controversy over the fuel itself, it would be providing 3% of the country's fuel needs. We could surely all reduce our consumption by more than that, and the huge amounts saved on building the plant could be invested in tens of thousands of green jobs.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 09-Aug-21 15:28:38

From 1990 to 2019 the U.K. has reduced its omissions by 44% and is keen to reduce them further in the near future. (plenty of information on line)

Unfortunately Countries like Germany, USA, China, Russia and many more rely on coal burning power stations with no apparent appetite to change.

We can all do our bit to cut our own carbon footprint but it is quite insignificant compared to the big Countries who do little if nothing at all.

tippytipsy Mon 09-Aug-21 15:33:00

Like with everything we seem to take one step forward two steps back.
If we introduce more electric cars then we will need to provide hundreds more charging points which will consume more electricity. And what are the implications of radiation from Teslar batteries, and where will they all end up when they are wasted?

Maggiemaybe Mon 09-Aug-21 15:57:26

Does anyone on here actually agree with the HS2 project? I’ve thought from the very start that it’s an appalling waste of money and resources.

rosie1959 Mon 09-Aug-21 16:08:10

Totally agree with your post GrannyGravy13

AGAA4 Mon 09-Aug-21 16:37:14

Scientists studying climate change aren't just concerned they are seriously worried. I wonder what the world will look like in 50 years time for our grandchildren if action isn't taken now.
I also think HS2 is a big mistake.

Grammaretto Mon 09-Aug-21 16:40:43

I was against HS2 from the outset. Though keen on trains, I could only see this as a vanity project for the government of the day.
It would be far better to use the money to upgrade existing lines and reopen some that were closed in the 1960s.

DH and I have done our bit over the years culminating in the opening of a community store in our town.
However I cannot for a moment feel smug because although shopping there is good for my soul and my green credentials, I know that the message hasn't gone nearly far enough.

I totally agree tippytipsy that the BBC neglect their responsibility too.
I guess no one wants a tale of woe or to be told there is no hope. Far rather discuss footballer's transfers

LadyGracie Mon 09-Aug-21 16:48:02

I agree with you GrannyGravy13 we’re a small country trying to do our bit. Bigger countries are taking up the slack!

V3ra Mon 09-Aug-21 17:22:59


Does anyone on here actually agree with the HS2 project? I’ve thought from the very start that it’s an appalling waste of money and resources.

HS2 is due to come very close to us. Our two local country parks will be badly affected.

One will have its visitors' centre and fantastic wooded play area, where we have spent four hours today with grandchildren and minded children, completely wiped out with no plans to replace either as far as I know.

The rangers at the other park are seriously worried: the motorway already cuts through the park on a flyover that the footpath goes underneath, and HS2 is routed to go over the top of this flyover, so at a huge height, and will be right across the migration path of the swans that live on the lakes.

No we're not looking forward to it at all, never mind the years of disruption locally during the construction period; the trainline will tunnel underneath our nearby motorway junction.