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Who is going to put any faith in the WHO again?

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Witzend Sun 15-Aug-21 11:28:59

Has anyone else seen the front page piece in the Sunday Times? Plus an editorial.

Far too much to go into detail about here, but so much about China’s undue influence over the WHO, particularly in relation to the pandemic - but also generally.
I’m afraid to say I wasn’t remotely surprised.

BigBertha1 Sun 15-Aug-21 11:41:10

Me either. This behemoth needs dismantling. I think Biden said something a long time ago about tackling the WHO and setting up a new body.

MaizieD Sun 15-Aug-21 11:41:23

As the Sunday Times is behind a paywall and headlines don't tell the whole story I can't read it. But I'm afraid that no amount of demonisation of the WHO mitigates our governments chaotic and incompetent response (which continues even now) to the pandemic which has left us with a toll of some 130,000 deaths, many of which could have been avoidable.

GagaJo Sun 15-Aug-21 11:55:49

If anyone fancied copying and pasting the main bit, that'd be good. I've tried to read but couldn't.

Namsnanny Sun 15-Aug-21 12:04:51

Unfortunately from what I've read previously the WHO havent been exactly trustworthy for some time now.

growstuff Sun 15-Aug-21 13:08:10

It would be helpful if somebody with access to the article could, at least, give a summary. Like others, I can't read the article.

MerylStreep Sun 15-Aug-21 13:11:25

Trump didn’t utter many truths but he called the WHO exactly what they are when the virus hit.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 15-Aug-21 13:13:03

I also think that to a degree (I haven’t read the article btw) it may reflect the fact that Chinese power and influence is beginning to outstrip the west.

MerylStreep Sun 15-Aug-21 13:14:05

It’s not just the WHO.

growstuff Sun 15-Aug-21 13:16:09


Unfortunately from what I've read previously the WHO havent been exactly trustworthy for some time now.

In what way? Sorry, but generalised smears aren't satisfactory.

MerylStreep Sun 15-Aug-21 13:17:31

Another good article.

growstuff Sun 15-Aug-21 13:18:56


It’s not just the WHO.

That article is yet another generalised smear against China and doesn't go into detail.

MerylStreep Sun 15-Aug-21 13:23:33

They cocked up on this one.