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Luckygirl Wed 08-Sep-21 22:36:13

Well what a's parliamentary debate was all about money.

My idea of tackling the problem of social care is not purely about money - it is about a system that provides good quality care.

Hetty58 Wed 08-Sep-21 22:50:55

I've come to the conclusion that we'll never get people to shell out for an (even half) decent care system. By the time they realise exactly what they voted for - it's far too late!

Hetty58 Wed 08-Sep-21 22:53:16

Anyone else for Finland? (not that they'd have me):

JaneJudge Wed 08-Sep-21 22:56:19

anyone who has ever sat in a meeting regarding their loved ones care under social care will know very well it is all about money, why expect the government and prime minister to suggest otherwise

Shinamae Wed 08-Sep-21 23:32:00

My grandad lived with us until he died…? We were lucky he was pretty good and-undemanding…..?

NotSpaghetti Thu 09-Sep-21 00:49:09

Even now there's no money for social care for years. All NHS.

Luckygirl Thu 09-Sep-21 10:07:09

Money is clearly critical to the care system; but that is not the whole story. None of the structural problems of the system are being looked at or reformed. We are still left with social care being farmed out to private firms and inadequately monitored, which leaves those in need of care very vulnerable.

The distinction between social and medical care in the community needs to go, so that, whatever people's needs there is a level playing field: all get treated the same and do not have to go through tortuous processes to prove the nature of their needs. Believe me, you do not need that sort of rubbish at a difficult time in your life.

We just need to do it differently and take a leaf out of some of the Nordic nations who actually value their weaker members and see caring for them fairly as a priority.

Raising more money is not the whole story - it is what is done with that money that matters, and none of that has been addressed.

westendgirl Thu 09-Sep-21 10:54:07

T oo true, Lucky girl.There is no real planning for Social Care. The bulk of the money is to go to the NHS, to help with the backlog which was there before the pandemic and was caused by Tory governments austerity .
Front page Times....."Health service hiring dozens of managers on up to £270k." !
There seems to be no planning .I heard it described as last minute planning done on the back of a fag packet.What is the money to be spent on . I dont think they know. Muddle as usual

BigBertha1 Thu 09-Sep-21 11:12:38

I just hope before any money gets doled out that a route and branch review of all the unnecessary bureaucracy, awaydays, jollies and other faddy 'training programmes' and slim it right down - with the aid of all the available technology. I do speak as one who spent over 35 years in the NHS.

Lincslass Thu 09-Sep-21 12:29:51

Don’t think the Norwegian system is much better. Yes they spend more per head on social care, but found this interesting. Grass is not always greener

NotSpaghetti Thu 09-Sep-21 16:52:26

The Swedish one seems pretty good. If I remember correctly they integrated health and social care. I think they started out with a trial some years ago.

They do pay more taxes but from hearing the experience of wider family and friends have much better services and good outcomes. It seems more personalised to me.

NotSpaghetti Thu 09-Sep-21 16:54:59

I think this may be it.