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Cressida Dick 2 year extension

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Chestnut Wed 08-Sep-21 23:10:44

So Cressida Dick is to be offered another two years as head of Scotland Yard. But several high flying figures, all victims of police corruption, incompetence and malpractice, have penned an open letter to Boris Johnson strongly opposing another two year contact for her. I'm inclined to agree. Nothing I've heard about this woman inspires confidence and I don't really understand how she got the job in the first place. She should go and about time too.

Eloethan Thu 09-Sep-21 00:37:17

I agree. She also always sounds so ineffectual and complacent when she is interviewed.

Sarnia Thu 09-Sep-21 10:25:05

She has shown herself to be totally incompetent in this role. Too PC for my liking. She talks the talk but as regards action she is useless. I won't hold my breath waiting for Boris to make the right decision. He has a Cabinet of incompetents which he has done nothing about except to support them when they have made the most almighty blunders. On that basis best get ready for another 2 years of Dick.

Zoejory Thu 09-Sep-21 10:27:24

I'd get rid of her. If I was her I'd want to be got rid of! I couldn't handle all the stress.

Chestnut Thu 09-Sep-21 11:12:04

When the head of Scotland Yard speaks you want someone with an air of authority who sounds as though they will deal with the criminals in a robust way. This woman has always sounded weak and ineffectual, she certainly wouldn't strike fear in the hearts of those who are tearing the city apart with their activities. I think someone from the armed forces should take over, some of them come across as very capable and strong.

joannapiano Thu 09-Sep-21 11:17:07

DH was in the Met Police and says there is no one willing to step into the role currently. So on she goes.

Anniebach Thu 09-Sep-21 11:20:37

A police force cannot be run by a member of the armed forces.

Grandma70s Thu 09-Sep-21 11:22:41


A police force cannot be run by a member of the armed forces.

I should hope not.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 09-Sep-21 11:25:57

When did Johnson last sack anyone?

MerylStreep Thu 09-Sep-21 11:27:42

Who was it said ( months ago) she knows where all the skeletons are ?

Chestnut Thu 09-Sep-21 11:45:29


A police force cannot be run by a member of the armed forces.

I don't mean someone who is currently in the armed forces, but someone with an armed forces background who is capable of leadership and control.

Alegrias1 Thu 09-Sep-21 11:58:49

I have no strong feelings either way about Cressida Dick.

But given that the police force are meant to be doing their jobs with our consent, I don't think the police force should be run by an ex-services person. We haven't had an ex-services person in charge of the met police since 1945, at which time I expect nearly everybody was ex-services! All commissioners since 1972 have risen through the ranks so understand the police force.

(The joys of google....)

annodomini Thu 09-Sep-21 12:23:15

The officers of the Met would be aghast at the idea of a commander from the senior ranks of the armed forces. Many countries have a quasi-military police force which has never been the case in the UK. It would be a step in the wrong direction if the Met acquired a military commander.

sodapop Thu 09-Sep-21 12:32:37

Definitely should go, apart from anything else no one has confidence in her or the Met. Cressida Dick is paid the big bucks to take responsibility and has failed.

MayBeMaw Thu 09-Sep-21 12:40:03

I had such high hopes of Cressida Dick - a woman in a top job, an openly gay woman in a same sex relationship - I thought that might bang some of the old Police prejudices on the head, but sadly she has proved less competent, decisive or fair- minded than any of us might have hoped.
The shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell Tube station happened on her watch and while she has expressed regret,
I was very conscious it was a hundred million times worse for other people than it was for me, but I was very high profile, quite rightly held to account
and was later cleared of any blame in his death by a jury, it still leaves a bad feeling.
Her handling of the Clapham Common vigil will have left many women feeling let down too.

Eloethan Thu 09-Sep-21 13:35:44

Sarni Why do you think CD is "too PC"? She comes across as quite the opposite to me.

Chestnut Thu 09-Sep-21 13:58:32

All commissioners since 1972 have risen through the ranks so understand the police force.
Well that has resulted in CD getting the job, so I have little faith in that as a tried and tested method of recruiting a leader.

Alegrias1 Thu 09-Sep-21 13:59:13

I know nothing about the Met.

How did all the others do before her?

Chestnut Thu 09-Sep-21 17:59:30

Surely there are some ex-coppers or their wives on Gransnet who would know more about this or have an opinion?

LauraNorder Thu 09-Sep-21 18:40:37

My ex Police Officer husband retired more than thirty years ago and says he doesn’t recognise the current force.
Not a fan of Cressida Dick but acknowledges that there probably aren’t too many willing to take on the responsibility.
Respect for the police is at an all time low resulting in low morale and consequently recruitment issues.
He says that there have always been a few bad apples but in the main other officers weed them out because they bring down the rest.
His opinion is that the press seems to delight in discrediting the force making it harder and harder to maintain law and order.

joannapiano Thu 09-Sep-21 18:42:02

Er… see my comment from this morning.

LauraNorder Thu 09-Sep-21 18:49:05


Urmstongran Thu 09-Sep-21 19:00:10

The reality is the position of Britain's top policeman (person?) is never an accurate reflection. Senior police officers are never seen as the copper's copper.

How good were they at arresting and putting away criminals. They are all political business people who have no clue how to serve their communities. British policing will continue to determine whilst the powers that be put these power hungry people in these positions.

Ah well, great platinum pension then a position in the House of Lords beckons!

Anniebach Thu 09-Sep-21 21:44:03

We don’t know their record from the day they entered the force.

Chestnut Fri 10-Sep-21 16:58:48

Well here is a rundown of her career and it's not exactly impressive. What has she done to deserve such acclaim? Anybody?
Now it's confirmed she will stay in the role because the other candidates are 'too woke'. So we can expect more of the same I suppose. It's very disappointing there is no-one who has the moral fibre for the job.
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