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Whitewavemark2 Thu 07-Oct-21 03:50:15

Seems it went down like a lead ballon outside of his adoring fans.

Business leaders called it “Vacuous and Bombastic”

They argued that Johnson’ speech whilst peppered with silly jokes contained no coherent economic plan. There was no mention of the existential crises of shortages facing us this winter nor the fact that the cut in U/C, and the rise in tax together with the eye watering rise in gas prices will effect the poor very badly.

The CBI chairman warned that the vision of high skills and high wage economy is very laudable, but it cannot be achieved without an increase in productivity, and there was no mention at all as to how this would be kick started. Businesses have a huge amount on their plates from the affects of covid and the collapse in trade to the EU. To ask them to now invest to increase productivity is an almost impossible task at this point.

Without that we are simply looking at high inflation leading us nowhere.

There is almost certainly going to be a steep rise in the cost of living this winter. At the beginning of this year gas prices were at 60 p per therm. On Wednesday they were at 400p. They have fallen back a little to 257p per therm after aPutin promised to increase supply, but according to the price compare companies price rise of £800 cannot be ruled out. There is already baked into the system price rises at every level particularly in food.

Councils are also warning of a rise in council tax of upmton£220 within the next three years to pay for social care reforms. So where I wonder is our extra tax we are paying going to?

And to top it all Quality Street is having supply issues.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 07-Oct-21 17:02:20

Bloomberg is reporting that traders are bracing themselves for a fall in the price of sterling and stock traders are preparing for a bear market, which bears (sorry) out what economists are expecting to happen with after the illiterate speech waffled by our clown leader.

Traders are expecting to see a 10% decline this winter. Inflation is eroding buying power and topped 4% on Wednesday the highest since 2008.

The winter is looking very difficult.

PippaZ Thu 07-Oct-21 10:59:35

.... the Adam Smith Institute describing the speech as economically illiterate, echoed by other right-wing think tanks like the Taxpayers' Alliance and Institute for Economic Affairs. Businesses are describing the speech as incoherent, and have accused the Prime Minister of treating them like a "bogeyman" over labour shortages.

The above is from the New Statesman morning email. They don't seem to like it on the Right.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 07-Oct-21 10:57:51

Interesting those most vociferous in their support for Brexit are beginning to be the loudest critics.

BigBertha1 Thu 07-Oct-21 10:49:06

I quite enjoyed the speech but not Starmer's. Funny really I vote labour but I thought Boris speech more hopeful and I like his witticism. No hope for me I suppose. No doubt DD2 will need to put me straight.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 07-Oct-21 10:45:01

Mind you it isn’t just the Adam Smith is it? Many others agree with the opinion.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 07-Oct-21 10:43:13

Takes one to know one.

MaizieD Thu 07-Oct-21 10:30:20


Adam Smith institute - right wing think tank.

Johnson’s economic are illiterate.

Problem is, the Adam Smith Institute's economics are illiterate, too... wink

Scones Thu 07-Oct-21 10:14:51

Disruption might be the aim as there's money to be made out of chaos.

This book tells you how to do it. It's co-written by the father of someone Boris Johnson knows very well. Ever wonder why Mogg wanted Brexit? His business made millions out of Brexit. Text book result.

PippaZ Thu 07-Oct-21 09:14:30

I think he believes that disruption will get him what he wants. It would be nice if we knew what that was. We know he lies to set up his next move (bendy bananas, etc.,) so where are his lies taking us now?

The problem with throwing everything up in the air - which he has done and is doing - is you have no idea where they will land. Our lives will become so precarious. Villians will certainly make hay out of the chaos. I do appreciate that will be okay with some of the Conservatives on here. But we also know who is going to suffer most and they don't seem to care about that, sadly - unless it's them of course.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 07-Oct-21 08:55:39

Adam Smith institute - right wing think tank.

Johnson’s economic are illiterate.

Tizliz Thu 07-Oct-21 08:53:16

I turned Radio Scotland off as the MP being interviewed would not / could not answer the presenter and just waffled. No information at all.

PippaZ Thu 07-Oct-21 08:49:57


A governments job is to provide food security, energy security etc

It is doing none of these

Very true.

From the right-wing Spectator.

But a gas shortage will cause huge disruption to the economy, widespread shortages and a political crisis from which even the Johnson administration, with its formidable ability to bounce back, may not recover.

PippaZ Thu 07-Oct-21 08:44:33

It would be a pity to try and explain the second link JaneJudge gave us as it is a really comprehensive collection of front pages of today's newspapers and their comment from The Week.

Worth the click for those who don't mind reading outside their bubble.

Just a taste to encourage:
The Times heading is; "PM hit by business backlash"
The Telegraph "PM pledges no homes on green fields."
The Gardian "Business anger at 'vacuous and bombastic' PM speech.
The Financial Times main heading is "Gas markets whipsaw after Putin offers to stabilise energy prices" with a smaller "Finger pointing Johnson sticks to migrant line".
The Daily Mirror "Senseless Slaughter" (with a picture of a pig and a picture of Boris).
The Daily Mail "Queen's Sheikh Friend Hacked Peer's Phone" with a smaller "Booster Boris's Tory Love In"

Appologies for saying the first lot were quotes from the Economist. Both were from The Week. They have similar typefaces.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 07-Oct-21 08:38:50

Listening to R4 - minister - clueless.

Very very worrying indeedn

Whitewavemark2 Thu 07-Oct-21 08:36:18



Just listening to R4 and business leaders.

Blimey! It is worse than I really appreciated.

More details please?

They also said that the cost of production even before they factor in energy costs have risen so much that their profitability is under severe pressure as they don’t think that they will be able to pass on the entire rise is price rises.

This will mean that our businesses will not be so attractive inward investment.

A perfect storm.

ayse Thu 07-Oct-21 08:29:28

Sorry, whilst I was writing and making tea all was explained.

ayse Thu 07-Oct-21 08:28:07


Just listening to R4 and business leaders.

Blimey! It is worse than I really appreciated.

More details please?

Whitewavemark2 Thu 07-Oct-21 08:21:50

A governments job is to provide food security, energy security etc

It is doing none of these

PippaZ Thu 07-Oct-21 08:21:25



How long have the Tories been in power? Over a decade I think. So where have they been going wrong and what happened to their previous promises given at various conferences and hustings?

You have to understand that Johnson had nothing at all to do with those previous tory governments. Despite being an MP since 2015, and Foreign Secretary in May's government, he loathed every minute of their destructive rule and couldn't wait to wrest power from them so that he could implement his liberal, caring and far seeing ideas about how the country should be run.

(Am I doing this right?
When Priti Patel's thought police come searching GNet for signs of dissenters from worship of Our Glorious Leader, will I slip through their net?)

Only if you were not a teacher or a member of the legal profession Maizie. These things follow very well known steps. If you were there is probably no escape.

MaizieD Thu 07-Oct-21 08:21:20

The 'levelling up' premium for teachers isn't a new idea. It's been done before.

Defenders on twitter were saying that there are lots of new policy announcements in the pipeline. You just don't 'do' policy announcements in a leader's end of tory conference speech...

So I continue to wait with bated breath.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 07-Oct-21 08:20:28

It seems that some businesses have hedged on energy. So what they are doing is cutting production to the hedge as they simply can’t afford to pay more.

In some cases they will be stopping production entirely and mothballing.

PippaZ Thu 07-Oct-21 08:18:11

The article ends with an attempt to capture the speech under the heading "Bluster". It doesn't give any conclusive facts.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 07-Oct-21 08:17:58

Just listening to R4 and business leaders.

Blimey! It is worse than I really appreciated.

PippaZ Thu 07-Oct-21 08:16:10

"Crime" only has points of the speech and no conclusion. In the Econimists defence, these are not directly econonmic areas and we were given no economics (costs) in the speech.

PippaZ Thu 07-Oct-21 08:14:16

"Vaccine capitalism" concludes:

Actually it doesn't. It seems they put forward no opinion - just Johnsonisms.