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AIBU in thinking they should get back to work?

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Sarnia Thu 14-Oct-21 09:51:38

The DVLA who have a monumental backlog, currently have 3,500 of their 6,000 workforce still working from home. A new strike is being called for because those reluctant to go back to work feel threatened by Covid. I appreciate the virus is still here but the country seems to be coping with it pretty well at the moment and life is gradually getting back to normal. Amongst those 3,500 at home there will likely be some with health issues but I suspect the vast majority can reasonably be expected to go back into their offices now. Going on strike with the winter and Christmas coming up is wrong to me. We are already experiencing empty shelves and queueing for essentials. Striking will just bring more misery.

FarNorth Fri 19-Nov-21 14:18:28

Oh dear , you haven’t worked as a bus driver have you. Refusing to wear masks, so no matter one selfish person can cause havoc. Do you know how many bus drivers died from Covid. I think your attitude is just as unpleasant., and very rude.

No I haven't.
Yes I do.

How would bus workers, or the families of those who died, be helped at all by more people being made to travel to workplaces?