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COP26 and CNN can’t even get the venue right!

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MayBeMaw Tue 02-Nov-21 08:14:30

From this morning’s DT
ONE of America’s leading news anchors attracted ridicule yesterday by announcing he had arrived to cover the Cop26 summit – from the wrong city
Wolf Blitzer, a stalwart of CNN for more than three decades, posted a picture of himself sitting in the network’s makeshift studio
It was, to the untrained eye, a plum spot for broadcasting, with arguably Scotland’s best-known landmark nestled in the background.
Mr Blitzer wrote on Twitter: “I’m now reporting from Edinburgh in Scotland, where 20,000 world leaders and delegates have gathered for the COP26 Climate Summit .”
Unfortunately, however, Edinburgh Castle and the CNN studio in front of it were a good 40 miles from the scene of the actual conference, in Glasgow, a mix-up few residents from either city would be quick to forgive. The host was inundated with mocking tweets, including annotated maps of Scotland and quips such as “fake views. “
They walk among us gringrin

lemongrove Tue 02-Nov-21 08:23:25

Although....40 miles is nothing to Americans, they travel that to go to the cinema.

Marydoll Tue 02-Nov-21 08:32:49

Surely everyone knows, Scotland is just a little town in England? Well that was what I was told by one USA citizen. wink

By the way Lemon, have you every driven the M8 from Glasgow to Edinburgh in the rush hour? It seems like a hundred miles on some occasions!

Elegran Tue 02-Nov-21 08:36:12

And now we have a live report from the Space Centre in Austin, Texas on the Apollo moon shot . . . .

. . . .. Austin, we have a problem. We can't find anyone to interview. Where is everyone?

lemongrove Tue 02-Nov-21 08:37:18

No Mary.....thankfully not.