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Anyone else experienced this?

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nanna8 Sun 13-Mar-22 06:48:19

I was looking at some recent short video clips of my granddaughter’s wedding when something weird started to play. It looked like scenes from a war somewhere, including the body of someone who had been killed. It was not from our cameras and iPhones . I felt very uncomfortable and shut it off. I ran the anti virus program but nothing came up. I have to wonder if people are tapping into private computers. I am not joking, this really happened today.

Juliet27 Sun 13-Mar-22 07:18:46

Yes, I did have something similar happen now you’ve reminded me. Can’t remember the details of what I was looking at but suddenly a scene like you’ve described appeared and I just switched away from whatever I’d been looking at. Remember thinking ‘where did that come from?’

nanna8 Sun 13-Mar-22 10:34:54

I asked my extended family and one of them has had similar. I guess the best thing to do is to delete it immediately.