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Billy no mates - how embarrassing is our PM?

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CvD66 Fri 25-Mar-22 12:51:38

Photos from the recent Nato meeting showed that not only is our PM is completely disregarded by fellow Nato members but also that he is unable to connect with anyone with any degree of empathy. He largely stood around looking like the Benny Hill character his supporters seem to love. This country needs a Prime Minister who is able and willing to work with our allies not a bumbling oaf who doesn’t even know how to approach a fellow leaders

westendgirl Fri 25-Mar-22 13:11:40

Exactly and I think much of this complete dissatisfaction with the Government came over in last night's Question Time.

Grandmabatty Fri 25-Mar-22 13:17:19

I felt ashamed when I saw the film. Ashamed that he is in charge (nominally) of UK and every time he opens his mouth, we are damned again and again. It was clear that the other leaders were making a point and why not? We used to laugh when they behaved similarly to Trump. Well, Johnson is our Trump. Our absolute insignificance in the world was demonstrated yet again. Thank you Tory party.

Urmstongran Fri 25-Mar-22 13:26:53

And yet ...
Madeleine Grant today, in the Telegraph:

“Nato summit in Brussels could only mean one thing: an awkward family photo-call of G7 leaders, spaced out like Antony Gormley statues at weird intervals across the podiums.

Naturally, the Hiroo Onodas of Remain took to Twitter to pore over the footage, eager for signs of a snub or signal of Brexit Britain’s marginalisation on the world stage. A few seized upon a snippet that appeared to show Joe Biden making a beeline for that great unifier Recep Erdogan – blanking Boris in the process. Another cut and dried case; pygmy Britain sidelined again.

Sadly, their fetish for Britain to be seen as a global irrelevance was not to be indulged today. A full clip showed all the usual handshakes. Biden lolloped about, a glazed grin on his face, while Emmanuel Macron – channelling Gareth Southgate in a spivvy three-piece suit – did his bit for the Entente Cordiale by readjusting the PM’s tie.”

And before anyone jumps in to say “well what do you expect from the Torygraph” Ms. Grant is pretty even handed about all politicians, all stripes. Bouquets or brickbats as she sees fit. I enjoy her column greatly.

Jody1234 Fri 25-Mar-22 13:32:27

I saw the pictures of the PM and read the report.
What a complete disgrace he is, another embarassment.

Urmstongran Fri 25-Mar-22 13:36:32

I dare say different sources will have different takes!

Petera Fri 25-Mar-22 13:40:40

CvD66 He largely stood around looking like the Benny Hill character

..and his name was Boris
He's announced the fastest chargers in the West.

Urmstongran Fri 25-Mar-22 13:42:30

And authorised unmitigated support to the Ukrainians - so much so, the Kremlin have apparently dubbed him their No.1 enemy!

volver Fri 25-Mar-22 13:42:50

When you see the whole clip you can see that the section with him looking gormless is chosen selectively. They didn't really ignore him. But the fact that so many people in this country think that's what he's like just shows what a liability he is, we have no respect for him.

Who is Hiroo Onoda UG, and what is his relevance to this debate?

Urmstongran Fri 25-Mar-22 13:44:50

P.s. I had to look up Hirroo Onodas. Thank goodness for Google! Actually I had heard of him, I just didn’t know his name.

volver Fri 25-Mar-22 13:45:59


And his relevance?

Petera Fri 25-Mar-22 13:45:59


And authorised unmitigated support to the Ukrainians - so much so, the Kremlin have apparently dubbed him their No.1 enemy!

"Unmitigated"? Really?

Nuclear weapons then - or has his much-vaunted command of English failed him yet again?

Urmstongran Fri 25-Mar-22 13:47:46

I think Ms Grant was saying the Remain voters are in the same mindset as him? They won’t/can’t believe the fight (referendum) is over. They do so enjoy - especially on Twitter it seems - to denigrate Boris wherever possible, even if it’s just ‘perceived’.

Casdon Fri 25-Mar-22 13:49:28

I suspect that Boris is the number 1 enemy of Russia because he’s now imposing sanctions on the oligarchs when previously the UK cabinet were in bed with them, they turned a completely blind eye to their activities because they profited. They now want him to suffer for curtailing their fun.

volver Fri 25-Mar-22 13:51:20

That's nice.

How relevant to the disaster that is our PM, who all sides in the debate agree is mainly a liability, to bring up a WWII analogy.

How perceptive.

libra10 Fri 25-Mar-22 13:53:07

Going back to the comments made by @westendgirl regarding last night's Question Time. The programme just highlights how biased the BBC is.

The questions chosen and majority of panel were chosen to deprecate the government. Any PM would have had the utmost difficulty dealing with Brexit, global pandemic, now Ukraine.

When a panel member stated that our current national debt is costing over £80 billion to finance each year, no-one seemed interested, just continued condemning everything they do.

Urmstongran Fri 25-Mar-22 13:55:05

I didn’t think it was Boris.
It was Ms Grant in her article today??

Kinsi10 Fri 25-Mar-22 13:57:46

What Ur.mstongran said.

Kim19 Fri 25-Mar-22 13:59:24

He is a shocker isn't he?! Trouble is I genuinely believe he thinks he's doing a good job. Would that the next GE was much sooner. However, May results should be revelatory. Trouble is I can't see a desirable replacement. Yes, I used to say a predictable 'anyone' but, having looked at the prospectives, I'm unimpressed.

Lucca Fri 25-Mar-22 14:06:11

I thought that article was singularly unfunny sorry.
Boris is a disgrace, not a buffoon, an untrustworthy self centred individual,who changes allegiance to suit. Remainer….then Brexiteer, Friend of oligarchs, Lebedev to mention but one, now claiming to be the no1 support of Ukraine.
Saying we will welcome Ukrainian refugees while doing nothing to make Priti Patel et al make the process remotely easy. And I know for a fact how hard it is. I have a young relative who with two other friends has arranged to rescue three families. (They’ve driven to Poland to collect them) She was so disgusted with how incredibly hard it was (super intelligent girl with high flying career) she has emailed every single influential person she can think of to complain.good on her. I’d bet Johnson hasn’t a clue how it works/doesn’t work.

Urmstongran Fri 25-Mar-22 14:22:46

Well, whatever the judgement on our “seat of the pants PM” - ending the week as best friends with Ukraine and Kremlin rubber stamped enemy no.1 is pretty decent.

Lucca Fri 25-Mar-22 14:23:28


Well, whatever the judgement on our “seat of the pants PM” - ending the week as best friends with Ukraine and Kremlin rubber stamped enemy no.1 is pretty decent.

This is all true is it ??

Lucca Fri 25-Mar-22 14:24:13

And his change with the wind character gives you no cause for concern ?

Farzanah Fri 25-Mar-22 14:26:36

I think it tragic that at this critical time for the whole world we have such a person as Johnson in charge.
He hasn’t exactly got a sparkling track record to date, and if we assume that previous conduct is a reliable indicator of future competency I think we should be weeping.

Urmstongran Fri 25-Mar-22 14:28:17

Had to laugh last night when a friend of mine said “Macron adjusting his tie. A bit more pressure and he could have done us all a favour.”