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Line of duty's AC Hasting summarises the current debacle!

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CvD66 Wed 13-Apr-22 08:25:10

Whitewavemark2 Wed 13-Apr-22 08:31:03

They get better and better.

But honestly I feel no satisfaction, just incredibly sad at what Johnson has brought this country to.

ixion Wed 13-Apr-22 08:36:40

Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention.

Esspee Wed 13-Apr-22 08:46:14

Superb. Every one of their productions has been bang on target.

Rosie51 Wed 13-Apr-22 08:47:26

That's powerful! He still won't go though, no shame, no integrity.

honeyrose Wed 13-Apr-22 08:58:12

Wow - spot on!

DaisyAnne Wed 13-Apr-22 09:00:26

Just watched this on another thread but it does deserve it's own.

silverlining48 Wed 13-Apr-22 09:05:09

Share this far and wide.

Casdon Wed 13-Apr-22 09:12:02

Very powerful. And spot on.

BigBertha1 Wed 13-Apr-22 09:21:46


Ailidh Wed 13-Apr-22 09:30:53


OakDryad Wed 13-Apr-22 09:55:54

I have been rereading Peter Oborne’s book The Assault on Truth: Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and the Emergence of a New Moral Barbarianism just to remind myself of the never ending stream of lies that Johnson has told the British public to win the Brexit vote and the win the 2019 election. Meticulously researched and fact checked, it’s a book that every single person in the electorate should read.

[ quote]

It is unimaginable that a compulsive liar such as Johnson could have been chosen to lead the Conservative Party in a previous era, let alone elected Prime Minister. There was a time before the emergence of political parties as we know them today when it was normal for ministers to lie, cheat and fabricate. In the eighteenth century, many of Britain’s most famous writers and journalists were paid by the government to apply their literary skills to undermine opponents. Meanwhile ministers made huge sums from corruption vindicating *Ambrose Bierce’s famous description of politics as the conduct of public affairs for private advantage. Ministers did not want voters or rival politicians to to know how government money was being spent so there was limited accountablilty and often zero integrity in public administration.

*Ambrose Bierce The Devil’s Dictionary

[end quote]

Johnson has taken the nation back to that era, lie after lie after lie which the right wing media has repeated and the majority of voters have swallowed.

Surely there must be some people in the Tory party who do still have integrity so why do they continue to support Johnson so that he remains in office? How do they sleep at night knowing the Prime Minister is a systematic and compulsive liar and had hoodwinked the British public time and time again?

When Johnson says he will serve the people he means that he will go on lying to the people for his own personal advancement and that of his friends. Make no mistake, he will continue to lie because he cannot stop himself. And why stop when you know you can get away with it?

Oldbat1 Wed 13-Apr-22 10:30:52

I really wish this could be broadcast in Parliament. What a disgraceful person he is.

silverlining48 Wed 13-Apr-22 11:09:11

hope this is shared and shared. I am not on fb etc but sent to my dds who are fb t witter etc, and hope they will do it, especially to any if their friends who may ill advisedly think BJ is doing a good job. Oh no he Isnt!

AllotmentLil Wed 13-Apr-22 12:05:04

There is only one thing I disagree about in this video - Boris Johnson, at the end, hanging his head in shame. He has no shame, no conscience, no integrity, no loyalty to the people who voted him into office - I wouldn’t expect him to care about those who didn’t. A disgrace of a man.

Grannybags Wed 13-Apr-22 12:18:00

Thanks. That was brilliant but so sad it's all true

GillT57 Wed 13-Apr-22 12:29:10

Brilliant, but sad to watch. This needs to be shared far and wide.

Parsley3 Wed 13-Apr-22 14:53:01

Thank you for sharing this. Unfortunately, while there is a sufficiently high number of Johnson supporters who think that, despite the evidence, his dishonest behaviour doesn’t matter, he will continue as PM. I despair.

flump Wed 13-Apr-22 15:39:28

19th century definition, as supplied by Susie Dent, of maw-worm:-

One who insists they have done nothing wrong despite evidence to the contrary.

A maw worm is actually a parasite in the stomach or intestines.

Isn't the English language wonderful!

Dinahmo Wed 13-Apr-22 18:30:11

It's brilliant but sadly I don't think it will change the minds of Johnson's followers.

As with Brexit it's difficult for believers to acknowledge that they've made a mistake.

Riverwalk Wed 13-Apr-22 18:52:17

Yes, brilliant but sad.

He's told so many lies and been so deceitful, it's hard to keep up and remember them all. The Downing Street flat alone would have been the end of previous PMs.

In the early days of Covid minister after minister used to talk about 'world beating', everything was world beating even when we knew it wasn't; now every sentence contains 'President Zelensky' and 'Ukraine' glory by association. Makes me sick.

Even on the Today programme this morning, Nick Robinson referred a number of times to 'the war' when talking to Grant Shapps. This country is not at war, although the press seem to think Bozo is having a 'good one'.